Tuesday, September 14

A history lesson regarding the "Assault Weapons" Ban Law Expiration Media Coverage

I've been listening to a broad range of media coverage on the Federal law banning assault weapons expiring.

I have heard John Kerry, NPR, Dennis Miller, and numerous others talking about this, and found something very interesting in what each has said:

All have used terms like AK-47, Military, Machine Guns or Automatic to describe this weapons.

Here are the facts, and I will pay $100, (via Cash or PayPal) to anyone that can refute these facts:

The AK-47's are full automatic weapons
Military only Weapon are full automatic weapon
Machine Guns are full automatic weapons
Automatic weapons are full automatic weapons

Semi-Automatic look alike versions of these weapons is what the so-called Assault Weapons ban actually banned, since it is and has been illegal for a private citizen to own an automatic weapon, they are all lying or totally ignorant.

Now ignorance is not necessarily a bad thing since it can be dealt with, this is done using something called Education.

Education was a process that people relied on, back in the old days, to determine Factual Information from Bullshit Information.

If they were ignorant of the facts on a subject they would go out and check out what had been told to them, this is how they became Educated.

If they where too lazy or uninterested and had not taken the time to educate themselves to the facts, they would have the keep their mouths shut so that others didn't know how ignorant they really where.

There were also another another type of people back then, they knew the facts, but told people lies to promote their own agendas. These people where known as Propagandists.

They where employees of corrupt governments, (mainly fascist communist or socialist but democracys where not above using them either), and lied to the people for a living.

Lying was their job and they did their job very well, since many people believed their lies.

Hmmmm... I wonder what is happening here.


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