Monday, September 15

Well it has been almost 7 years since I've posted here.

That drought is about to come to an end if anyone even cares anymore.


Thursday, November 1

I'm Not Caring for Karen

I am so glad she is gone, although it is bad that it's not to the graveyard, and we all know that her replacement will be as bad if not worse than her!

She is a shining example of "government caring" in action. What I really hope is that her new co-workers at Motorola inflict some pain on her. I sure would.

Tuesday, October 30

A New Chapter??

I haven't done very well, actually the word horrible doesn't start to describe it, at updating this site in the last couple of years.

There are a number of reasons this happened, some of which I will explain in future posts, but I was informed by my employer of the last 11+ years that I am being laid off effective November 2.

Soooo, it is looking like the lack of time can be crossed off that list and since I will have more time on my hands I can start writing again.

I was already planning to do so, as the 2008 political season in actually in full swing, but I guess there is no time like the present as they say.

Until next time...

Friday, September 21


If you haven't read there is a little racial trouble down in the deep south again.

It seems that some of the bigotted, redneck youth in Jena, La decided to say that they got them a "white tree" at the schoolyard and that no colored folks can sit under the "white tree".

Sooo, one day a black student sits under the “white tree” and the very next day three, count them three, nooses appear on the “white tree”.

Now the school administrators are not amused by the nooses so they suspend tree white students and cut down the redneck's beloved “white tree”.

So last December six black students beat a white student, and they get themselved arrested. Five of them were with attempted second-degree murder, but now those have been for four of them. The last was arrained as a juvenile.

Now the master race baiters, good ol' Al and Jesse are outraged, I tell you outraged, that the black boys are being charged with beating that white boy. I bet what is really the root cause of their outrage is that there hasn't been any manufactured racially tensie situations in quite awhile, and I guess their bank accounts were starting to look pretty bad.

Hell anyone can see the white boy deserved to be beaten. Hell they had a damn “white tree” and they hung nooses on it, and I bet that he was looking at innocent little black girls in a lascivious manner.

And now there are rallys springing up all over the country in support of the “Jena Six”.

How freakin' stupid have we become as a nation that we can't differentiate the difference between the racist, boarish behaviour of a bunch of redneck youth, and the brutal, thuggish criminal acts commited by the so called “Jena Six”?

Is it now permissiable to beat someone if they offend you?

Is it permissiable if they degrade your race? Your religion?

So the next time a black man calls a white man a “cracka” or “white boy” or “honkey” he can round up five his friends and beat the living snot out of that black man right?

No! you say? They should be charged with a “Hate Crime”?

Double standards like this are at the heart of what is wrong with our society. All crime is hate crime! Yet are are not supose to those that deprive others of their freedom, property or liberty responsible for their actions if they are members of some protected class.

There is always an excuse for their antisocial behaviour and actions. This my friends is the reason we will never truly be able to move past looking at the color of a person's skin, and at the content of their character.


Well it appears that my friend Retta Fontana over at wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to link to my old, negligected blog, so I guess I better start writing something here again.

So I give you all more later, and too bad if you don't want it.

Wednesday, March 8

My Book Club

I have found my next READ

Tuesday, March 7

Linda Hirshman - My Lady Asshat of the Month

What a twisted bitch!

Like it is her place to TELL tell others what their role in society should be.

The sad part this there are so many people that will beleive her crap and swallow it whole.

Friday, February 24

Is Anyone Suprised?

According to Doug Tompson at Capital Hill Blue there seems to be a secret service report that Dead Eye Dick Cheney was 'drunk' when he shot his buddy Harry Whittington.

Where is the special counsel when you need one?

Thursday, February 23

Interesting Idea.

Fred Reed just might be on to something with his piece, "In Search of Darkness"

Wednesday, February 22

Very Interesting

Monday, February 20

All Good Questions

Wednesday, February 15

Once we had 3 Boxes, now it looks like we may be Down to the Last One...

The Soap Box, the Ballot Box,and the Cartridge Box.

Well McCain-Feingold and Patriot Act have just about killed the Soap Box, and it seems that THIS will kill the Ballot Box. What are we going to have left?

Tuesday, February 14

Liberty Bill Home

And you thought that the Hilter Youth was Dead

Thursday, February 9

It Must Be Nice

Seems that Congress has given The Schrub a License to Kill

iRepress 1/25/06

The name says it all

Tuesday, February 7

Finally! Someone in the Church that is Willing to Tell Like it is.

Unfortunately, as Hitler was building Germany's economy and strengthening its military, he was also taking away the rights and liberties of the German people. Remember, Germany was a republic before Hitler came along. The principles of individual freedom and constitutional government were at one time precious to Germans. However, most German people were willing to gladly trade their liberty and freedoms for Hitler's promise of security and strength. It was a bad trade then. It is a bad trade now!

From Chuck Baldwin's -- Are We Witnessing The Rise Of The Fourth Reich?

Friday, February 3 - Politics News - New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public Events

.: W - The Movie :.