Tuesday, May 10

It's Just a Minor Difference In How You Define It

Mr Browne has it right

Monday, May 9

Tax the Fat!

Once they started upping the cigarette tax here in Michigan, I knew this was coming.

And guess what all you jackasses that supported the cigarette tax saying "It doesn't effect me cuz I don't smoke "? So I guess I am going to have to support this one because I do not eat at fast food places lmfao!

Kind of looks like the chickens have now come home to roost finally, haven't they?

If you have ever been to Detroit (My old hometown) you know that the city has some of the fattest "poor" people on earth so I guess they are on the right track to wiping out that budget problem but going after certainly the only cause of obesity in the world.

And before I start getting hate mail which I doubt will happen since no one but me reads this blog anyway. LMAO I am just kidding! This is a totally EVIL idea, just like all other "Sin" taxes including the cigarette tax, but it does illustrate my point very well.