Friday, September 21


If you haven't read there is a little racial trouble down in the deep south again.

It seems that some of the bigotted, redneck youth in Jena, La decided to say that they got them a "white tree" at the schoolyard and that no colored folks can sit under the "white tree".

Sooo, one day a black student sits under the “white tree” and the very next day three, count them three, nooses appear on the “white tree”.

Now the school administrators are not amused by the nooses so they suspend tree white students and cut down the redneck's beloved “white tree”.

So last December six black students beat a white student, and they get themselved arrested. Five of them were with attempted second-degree murder, but now those have been for four of them. The last was arrained as a juvenile.

Now the master race baiters, good ol' Al and Jesse are outraged, I tell you outraged, that the black boys are being charged with beating that white boy. I bet what is really the root cause of their outrage is that there hasn't been any manufactured racially tensie situations in quite awhile, and I guess their bank accounts were starting to look pretty bad.

Hell anyone can see the white boy deserved to be beaten. Hell they had a damn “white tree” and they hung nooses on it, and I bet that he was looking at innocent little black girls in a lascivious manner.

And now there are rallys springing up all over the country in support of the “Jena Six”.

How freakin' stupid have we become as a nation that we can't differentiate the difference between the racist, boarish behaviour of a bunch of redneck youth, and the brutal, thuggish criminal acts commited by the so called “Jena Six”?

Is it now permissiable to beat someone if they offend you?

Is it permissiable if they degrade your race? Your religion?

So the next time a black man calls a white man a “cracka” or “white boy” or “honkey” he can round up five his friends and beat the living snot out of that black man right?

No! you say? They should be charged with a “Hate Crime”?

Double standards like this are at the heart of what is wrong with our society. All crime is hate crime! Yet are are not supose to those that deprive others of their freedom, property or liberty responsible for their actions if they are members of some protected class.

There is always an excuse for their antisocial behaviour and actions. This my friends is the reason we will never truly be able to move past looking at the color of a person's skin, and at the content of their character.


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