Friday, December 10

Are Vaccines Safe? It Seems No One Really Knows for Sure.

Here is an excerpt from the story linked below"

Health officials consider a vaccine to be safe if no bad reactions – like seizures, intestinal obstruction, or anaphylaxis – occur acutely. The CDC has not done any studies to assess the long-term effects of its immunization schedule. To do that one must conduct a randomized controlled trial, the lynchpin of evidenced-based medicine, where one group of children is vaccinated on the CDC’s schedule and a control group is not vaccinated. Investigators then follow the two groups for a number of years (not just three to four weeks, as has been done in vaccine safety studies). Concerns that vaccinations in infants cause chronic neurologic and immune system disorders would be put to rest, and their safety certified, if the number of children who develop these diseases is the same in both groups. No such studies have been done, so vaccine proponents cannot say that vaccines are indeed as safe as they think they are.

Are Vaccines Safe?

As it shows the CDC "fact" that vaccines cause no ill effects has never been tested using anything close to the scientifically valid double blind method.

Do I believe that the vaccines should not be given? Well I don't know, I have no idea if they do more good or more harm, and in typical government fashion, neither does the CDC!

Thursday, December 9

For Kathryn

Please let me know what you think of this.

On Becoming a Libertarian

Quote of the Week

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." --- C. S. Lewis

Compassion that Kills

We are in a battle for our very existance as a country, and as free people.

The vast majority of people believe that it is a battle between Bible Thumping Bush supporters and Morally Corrupt Kerry supports, however it is not that simple.

The real battle is those that want to control, and those that refuse to be controlled. It has nothing to do with compassion, caring, loveing your follow human being. It is all about power. Power to make others do what they think they should be doing.

This essay shows how it is really a question of the individual's decision to control their life, so please take the time to read Doug Newman's; Christian Compassion that Kills

The Decline and Fall of the United States Empire

This is a must read

I believe that Mr Gonella may not too far off in his predictions, as almost anyone should see the hand writing on the wall.

Want Cheaper Drugs?

Dr Ruwart show why they cost so much, and why the FDA must go.

Something on the lighter side

Some of these are too damn funny

Wednesday, December 8

The Free Speech Myth

As government gets bigger, and controls more and more of the day to day lives of the people, it can and does decide who will be winners and who will be the losers in society.

In The Free Speech Myth - by Thomas Dilorenzo he illustrates how government growth has destroyed truly Free Speech in Amerika.

It Looks Like We Have Lost Again!

The House passed the Intelligence Bill last night, and contained in it is authorization for the National ID card.

This is no longer America, it is now Amerika!

The members of Congress that voted in favor of this bill should all be brought up on treason charges. When they are found guilty, they should be handed over to Lyndee England and her Abu Graib pals for a little "softening" up for say 25 years or so.

Tuesday, December 7

Hey Liberals! It's Time to Take The Liberal Red Pill

Now it seems that at least a couple of liberals have figured out what I have been saying all along, we are being played, and worse than that, we are too wrapped up in the illusion

The Liberal Addiction

I may not agree with their ideals, but at least they are waking up and starting to understand what we all are up against.

Take the Red Pill Redux

This speaks for it's self.

And we wonder why they torture/behead our prisoners?

This is How Real Americans Act!

I recieved this link in a comment posted by the lovely BardGirl Kathryn
who's blog yes, it really is is a daily read for me.

John Gillmore is a real American Hero, who is standing up for his rights, and in doing so helping all of us.

He decided that he would take on the TSA's requirement that he show ID to board a flight and stuck to his guns even when he was denied access to those flights by TSA employes.

Read the complete story here "Gilmore vs. Ashcroft"

Monday, December 6

Why We Have and Need jurys

I just recieved notice that I have been chosen to come down to the county court house and sit around for an entire day, and maybe, just maybe I could be picked to serve on a jury.

Now most people will do just about anything to avoid serving on a jury, I however take a different view on this. I didn't always feel this way, but an experience over 20 years ago changed me forever.

The trial I served on involved an armed robbery of a large store two days before Christmas. A securty guard had been shot, and suffered minor wounds, and 5 men had been charged.

The scumbags that committed this robbery had managed to get away, at least for a short period of time, but were caught 45 minutes later when they were pulled over for running a stop sign.

The occupants of this car where put on trial.

During the trial three of the five men were shown on security video committing the robbery, with one of the remaining two identified as the driver and picked out of a line-up by a number of witnesses.

The fifth man however was never positively identified as having been in the car during the robbery, in fact the witnesses that had id'ed the driver all said that he was alone in the car while the robbery was taking place and that only three men had gotten into the car as they ran from the crime scene.

In four days of testimony, the fifth man was never placed at the scene of the crime, not once. However, during the closing statements the DA repeatedly lumped all five together.

The judge gave us his instruction, and the jury retired to begin deliberations. Within the first hour it was clear to me that myself and one other juror were in for a long haul.

We were the only two that had issues with convicting the fifth man, who no evidence had been given against, with the remaining jurors being of the "Well he was with them when they were pulled over, so he must have been involved" mentality.

Well to make a long story shorter, we fought for 3 1/2 days until the judge declared us a hung jury in regards to the charges against this one man. In one hour we had convicted four and then fought for 20+ hours on one defendant.

The justice system was not going to protect the fifth man, the DA wanted him in jail, and his court appointed defense attorney was just about useless when it came to protecting his client.

I found out later that the DA never brought him to trial again, because he knew he could never get a conviction with him as a lone defendant.

This fifth man is the reason I gladly serve when called.

I serve because I wouldn't want to be in the postion of that fifth man or someone charged with a non-crime crime. The jury is there not just to judge the defendant, but even more importantly to judge the law.

This also brings me to Curt Chancler and Jeanne Wollman wrote a good piece on Jury Rights and Jury Nulification that I came across earlier this morning.


I travel a bit mostly for business related reasons and because of this I have become all too aware of the TSA and the lowlife, losers that the agency employes.

It seems that the new TSA "Airport Security" personal are even less educated then the old airline hired personal of the pre-9/11 days, if that is possible.

Well David Brownlow sums up my feeling exactly in his piece: THE ROVING HANDS OF AIRPORT INSECURITY

As he points out, we have become a nation of freaking sheeple, in fact we are sub-sheep as anyone that has worked with sheep knows that at a point even sheep fight back.

But we calmly take whatever injustice the TSA, or any other governmental agency, dishes out in the name of security.

Hell, personally I'd find it easier dealing with the terrorists than with TSA personel, since they would never get close enough to ask me to remove my shoes.

Do they have a clue?

Did you hear about the recent $388 billion appropriation than contained a provision to allow the chairmen of the House and Senate appropriations committees or their agents to access to Internal Revenue Service facilities and any tax returns or return information?

Sorry there is no punch line to this joke.

So the chairmen or their agents can access and use your tax return information in any way they see fit. I'm sure they would never use this power in an unethical manner, say to trash a political opponent or something like that.

As usual Harry Browne is way out in front on this. As he says:

Before we pass a so-called "Defense of Marriage" constitutional amendment, we need an amendment that requires every Congressman and Senator to certify in writing that he has read a bill in its entirety before he can vote on it. The same must be required for the President before he can sign a bill into law.

Actually he is being a bit conservative on this, I think before they pass ANY NEW LAWS this should be in place.

We as citizens are expected to be aware of ALL laws, remember ignorance of the law is no excuse?

So shouldn't the lawmakers certify that they are aware of what they are voting on before we have to live by it?

Here is Harry Browne's complete column