Thursday, December 9

Something on the lighter side

Some of these are too damn funny


Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Absolutely too bizarre. And then the first one I look at - Mongo Santamaria - is from the "old neighborhood"!

5:58 PM, December 09, 2004  
Blogger Living_on_the_Edge said...

Speaking of too bizarre.

I laughed my ass off at that one, but I figured that I would be the only one who actually knew who Mongo Santamaria was.

I hadn't hear a peep about him in years and years, but I should have figured that anyone that loved "The Greatest Worstest Horror Film of All Times", would know who he was.

Do you remember Alex Carris in Blazing Saddles? His characters name was Mongo. In one scene as he walks into town, a townsperson says "Mongo, Santamaria!", and runs off.

Well that damn line always makes me laugh, and then had to explain why to people somewhere around 20 times because no one knows who Mongo Santamaria is.

Like I said; I should have known

I also enjoyed "Ling Ling" the headless poodle, what where they thinking? lol

2:02 PM, December 10, 2004  
Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Mongo! I didn't even know that he had died... I never saw him perform, but I did see Tito Puente lots of times.

Now I have to see that movie again & wait for the line.

6:45 AM, December 11, 2004  

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