Monday, December 6


I travel a bit mostly for business related reasons and because of this I have become all too aware of the TSA and the lowlife, losers that the agency employes.

It seems that the new TSA "Airport Security" personal are even less educated then the old airline hired personal of the pre-9/11 days, if that is possible.

Well David Brownlow sums up my feeling exactly in his piece: THE ROVING HANDS OF AIRPORT INSECURITY

As he points out, we have become a nation of freaking sheeple, in fact we are sub-sheep as anyone that has worked with sheep knows that at a point even sheep fight back.

But we calmly take whatever injustice the TSA, or any other governmental agency, dishes out in the name of security.

Hell, personally I'd find it easier dealing with the terrorists than with TSA personel, since they would never get close enough to ask me to remove my shoes.


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Tangentially related, but still interesting John Gilmore.

9:03 PM, December 06, 2004  

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