Friday, December 3

Refuse to Surrender your Freedom

The ACLU is gathering signatures for this pledge, and although I do not always agree with them, I do in this case.

So if you agree, please take a minute to sign this.

Take the Pledge

Thursday, December 2

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill - I chose the Red

To live in ignorance or lead the examined life , that is the question.

Read this interesting essay

10 Things I have learned on eBay

1. One Persons Junk IS another Persons Potential New Junk.

2. The True Value of Any Item is what a Single Person is willing to bid for it.

3. Never throw anything out as Junk, try to sell it on eBay first.

4. People do not like being outbid on Junk.

5. The more useless an item is, the more likely you can find it on eBay.

6. If you find a great deal on eBay, it is either a scam or it is worse junk than you thought it was.

7. If you do happen to find a great deal, it is because the seller miss listed it in someway, and you where lucky to find it.

8. Sellers are mostly idiots.

9. Buyers are mostly idiots.

10. eBay never responds to complaints, NEVER! It must be an arm of the Federal Government

Quote for the day.

"By what right do men exercise power over each other?" There is no right. There is only the coercive power of the State, controlled via monopoly privilege, as it empowers the chosen elites, and force-feeds our children in what is perhaps the greatest debacle to ever molest man’s mind: the dumbed-down, collective-public education scheme." - Auberon Herbert

Monday, November 29

Oldest English Porn to be Auctioned.

Read about it HERE

I guess Chauncer's "The Miller's Tale" pales in comparison.

Will Medical Freedom go Up in Smoke?

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments today regarding Californias Medical Marijuana Law. Read about it here