Wednesday, October 20

Are You Evil?

This is very cool.

Take the Test

By the way I came up 49% evil, which I concider a good balance of the Yin and the Yang. lol

Boobus Americanus - We are being played! Well Not ME!

Here is an excerpt from Gallipoli For Dummies

Okay, let's pretend that whole "support our troops" mantra is not a cynical ploy to get Boobus Americanus to shut up while THE MAN sends American "boys and girls" to invade and occupy foreign countries. Let's pretend these troops are protecting the East Coast from an imminent attack from the combined forces of Iceland and Greenland, while simultaneously others are sent to defend the West Coast from that Rogue State Aggressor, Tahiti.

Why are veterans losing benefits? Why are troops unfortunate enough to be wounded in action losing combat pay and money sent to their families? Why on earth is the "mightiest military in history" so lacking in "support" for its own troops that families and friends of those troops have to pitch in to buy the proper body armor? Is this 21st century America or 15th century Poland? $400 billion and the troops aren't even supplied with the "best gear" to do the job (of defending the "Homeland" from two-pronged invasion from Tahiti on the West and the Greenland-Iceland Axis on the East).

These are the questions that the Republicrats do not want brought up!

Schooling? - and A handy dandy quiz.

Take a gander at State Schooling.

He gets it right.

Being educated is not being able to spew forth propaganda on cue, but the ability to take information and discern the fact from the fiction, and logically reach an answer to a question.

I also found THIS

It is a which candidate matches your values quiz, and I have to say it pegged me.

Regards All

Concider yourself part of the "Un-Washed Masses"

Well seems that there is enough vaccine to go around on Capitol Hill, and get use to this because you will be seeing more of this is the near future.

I have never once taken the Flu vaccine, but I know a number of people that need it for medical reasons and cannot get it.

Michigan actually made it illegal for doctors to give the vaccine without a medical need, but just remember the Party Members never go without, remember they are critical to the function of the world, the serfs whoever are a different story.

No Vaccine Shortage at the Capitol

Tuesday, October 19

It's all just Skull and Bones

Norman Patterson tells us Bush and Kerry are Bound By Secrets.

One does have to wonder why two grown men, both who want to be leader of the free world, would hold an oath to a college secret society so dear.

Wonder if they both hold it more dearly then either ther Oath of Office or Presidental Oath of Office?

My Reply (Redux)

Some of you may remember This Post.

Senator Levin finally replied to me and for your viewing enjoyment, here is his reply.


Thank you for your follow-up letter. As before, I continue to be interested in your opinions, and I am glad you shared your thoughts with me.

Best wishes.

Carl Levin

He is bought and paid for long before my time, so it truely was a waste of time to even attempt to talk to this co-opted, cerebral analitis suffering bastard.

Fair and Balanced.

Another really busy day for me today, but I did find a couple of things of interest.

The first It's My Party, and They'll Lie (and Kill) If They Want To by Michael Tennant, asks the question why are conservatives so silent or approving of the War on Terror.

Ron Paul's 'I Have a Plan...' shows us that the Federal Government is the problem not the solution.

I have been thinking about the upcoming election, I know you're all suprised, and wonder if future generations will look back at us and think, "They had it made, why did they throw it all away?"

This is really a possibility, since at the current rate of spending by the Federal Government we'll all be paying 90% of what we make to service the debt and support the Social Security system in another 5 years.

Best Regards All

Monday, October 18

Reply From the FEC

Well here is another example of the transparency of our Federal Government

A little background is required.

I sent a letter to Mr. Toner a few months ago, asking that he expidite the investigation into a couple of matters related to elections law that his department had been ordered to undertake by the court.

This is the entire reply I received:

Under Federal Election Commission rules, FEC personnel are prohibited from publicly discussing enforcement matters. Accordingly, I am unable to comment. I appreciate your interest in federal election law matters. Pleasedo not hesitate to contact me in the future with any further comments or concerns.


Michael E. Toner
Federal Election Commission

So as you can see, the actions the FEC is taking regarding the Republicrats breaking the election laws is a giant secret to We The People.

Just Like in a Grand Jury linvestigation into the mob, the only difference is that Grand Jury inquiry becomes public when illegal activity is found.

Thank You Asshat Toner!

"If you don't vote for liberty, you will never get it."

Below is a commercial that the LP has produced, if you agree with them, please think about helping get them seen.

The Peace President?

I have run into a lot of people lately asking me to vote for Bush/Kerry and each time a tell them I will vote for their jackass if they can show me ONE concrete verifiable true policy difference between the two.

Not one has been able too yet.

The conversations all go something like this;

THEM: He's against This or That!
ME: Then why did he vote/order it?

THEM: Well he was lied to/received bad information!
ME: Then why did I not believe the information from the beginning, am I smarter/better informed?

THEM: If you vote for the other guy all kinds of bad things will happen!
ME: And if I vote for your guy who voted/allowed the bad things in the first place, I am suppose to believe that more Bad Things" will not happen?

You get the idea.

The only way to makes things better is to do something different, doing the same thing will not change the direction or outcome.

So how's about everyone who holds freedom dear, doing something different and vote for Freedom instead of the same old form of Slavery?