Wednesday, October 20

Boobus Americanus - We are being played! Well Not ME!

Here is an excerpt from Gallipoli For Dummies

Okay, let's pretend that whole "support our troops" mantra is not a cynical ploy to get Boobus Americanus to shut up while THE MAN sends American "boys and girls" to invade and occupy foreign countries. Let's pretend these troops are protecting the East Coast from an imminent attack from the combined forces of Iceland and Greenland, while simultaneously others are sent to defend the West Coast from that Rogue State Aggressor, Tahiti.

Why are veterans losing benefits? Why are troops unfortunate enough to be wounded in action losing combat pay and money sent to their families? Why on earth is the "mightiest military in history" so lacking in "support" for its own troops that families and friends of those troops have to pitch in to buy the proper body armor? Is this 21st century America or 15th century Poland? $400 billion and the troops aren't even supplied with the "best gear" to do the job (of defending the "Homeland" from two-pronged invasion from Tahiti on the West and the Greenland-Iceland Axis on the East).

These are the questions that the Republicrats do not want brought up!


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