Monday, October 18

Reply From the FEC

Well here is another example of the transparency of our Federal Government

A little background is required.

I sent a letter to Mr. Toner a few months ago, asking that he expidite the investigation into a couple of matters related to elections law that his department had been ordered to undertake by the court.

This is the entire reply I received:

Under Federal Election Commission rules, FEC personnel are prohibited from publicly discussing enforcement matters. Accordingly, I am unable to comment. I appreciate your interest in federal election law matters. Pleasedo not hesitate to contact me in the future with any further comments or concerns.


Michael E. Toner
Federal Election Commission

So as you can see, the actions the FEC is taking regarding the Republicrats breaking the election laws is a giant secret to We The People.

Just Like in a Grand Jury linvestigation into the mob, the only difference is that Grand Jury inquiry becomes public when illegal activity is found.

Thank You Asshat Toner!


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