Tuesday, October 12

Wasted Vote?

Let's see about this wasted vote idea...

If you vote for Bush and Kerry Wins by 2 votes, did you waste your vote? I guess you did since you where not on the "winning side".

If you vote for Kerry and Bush Wins by 2 votes, did you waste your vote? I guess you did since you where not on the "winning side".

So I guess any vote for the Non-Winner is a wasted vote isn't it?


The only way to waste your vote is to vote for someone that you do not support, but who is "The Lesser of Two Evils", which in fact is still just that EVIL!
One of my favourite 'wasted vote' arguments is as follows:

Pretend you are in jail on death row.

You have a 48% chance of lethal injection,
You have a 48% chance of the electric chair
You have a 5% chance of a pardon

OK which would you vote for?

Statistics are crap, as are polls, they show only what they are paid to do, to sway opinion.

When are people going to understand that if We the People are going to continue to exist we need to do something different. Break the cycle of not voting for someone that upholds our beliefs, but voting against someone we think is worse.

Here is a snippet from Hellboy’s Guide to the Election by Matthew Hisrich
Choosing between a couple of candidates whose main aspirations seem to involve spending your money and spying on you hardly seems like much of a choice. As one person interviewed recently about the election comments, "Whoever is going to be President, I’m still going to have to pay taxes."

The reason that candidates take such similar positions is that in two-party politics, the median voter always wins. Across the political spectrum, average voters tend to fall in a standard bell curve on most issues. As long as there are only two candidates to choose from, the closer to the middle each candidate is, the more votes he or she will capture.

In his book Public Choice, David Johnson explains that this is simply the nature of two-party politics. "Political parties take nearly identical positions while trying to convince voters…that their policies are different."

If you know that the median voter defines every election going into the polls, though, then you know that what your particular views are matters even less than who you cast your vote for. The die has essentially already been cast.

Right up to Election Day, though, the party machines and special interest groups will be battling the perception that there really isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the candidates.

Economist Joseph Schumpeter refers to these efforts as attempts to create a "Manufactured Will" among the people. This is because the rabid voter enthusiasm such groups tend to promote runs counter to what we have come to know about elections – our votes do not matter.

"Collectively the right to vote is extremely valuable," says Johnson, but "[t]he right to vote has little operational value to the individual, because a single vote has little probability of affecting the outcome of any election."

So is there any point in voting whatsoever? Potentially. As Johnson clarifies, the median voter model falls apart outside the confines of a two-party system.

Our Federal Government is not our savior, even though they try to promote on themselves as such. Our Federal Government it is concentrated force, pure and simple, and as such, it attracts the worst elements of the society to it.

If We the People are ignorant enough to put our lives, liberty and freedoms in the hands of those who lush for power and position over all else, then we should expect slavery and servitude as our reward. Remember those that grant privileges can revoke those privileges at their whim.

Now my political leaning are easy to see, but I am not going to try to tell anyone who to vote for, only this. Find someone that is truly aligned with your beliefs, and vote for that person.

Only by doing that can you make a difference.


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