Friday, October 8

See I told you it is a Circus!, and Other Random Neuron Firings

I'm just putting together some articles and other things you may enjoy today.

Well this first one is just for fun.

Be a player in the Political Circus, amaze the electorate, grab as much money as you can, do awesome tricks to build your base! It's all here at THE POLITICAL CIRCUS

Teachers are educated people, they want their kids to be educated too. Like this one is a suprise? Public School Teachers Choose Private Schools by almost 2 to 1

Too bad the NEA works so hard to maintain their Monopoly on Public/Government Education. If the teacher do not believe in their product why should anyone?

How about a law that requires Public/Government School Teachers to send their kids to Public Schools, maybe that will make the public schools better.

H.R. 163 is being opposed by Ron Paul (R-TX) for reinstating what he calls "Draft Slavery", if there was any question I oppose H.R. 163 also!

The FDA is claiming that We the People should not be allowed to re-import perscription drugs from Canada and Europe because they "Cannot guarantee the quality or safety of these drugs".

I wonder if the FDA is so good at protecting us from "Bad Drugs", how did Vioxx or Phen-Fen get on the market?

They got on the market because the FDA is corrupt as any third-world dictator , and in the pocket of the drug companies!


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