Friday, October 1


Someone should tell the Republicrats that Reality Shows are all the rage on TV. Then maybe we would get to see a debate, not the 90 minute infomercial that was broadcast last night.

I listened to it on the radio, rather than watching it, since I find that by removing the visual distraction of TV I am able to focus on what is being said more sharply.

What insight did this sharp focus provide me with? None at all. What I heard were two voices, saying basically the some thing, with one saying he'd do the same thing only better, and the other one saying he did the right thing.

Unless there is a miracle on Nov 2nd, We're screwed!

On the bright side, Bill Moyer on his Now show exposes the farce of the debates and the Commission on Presidential Debates in Rigging the Debates.

Good Job Bill!


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