Wednesday, September 29

They are at it again!

Our Government is at it again!

They have proposed legislation based on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, that will just about finish off our rights!

For example: Mere association or membership in a group they designate as a terrorist group would be a crime.

OK you say, "I'm not a member of one of those groups!"

Let's see how it will be used.

The unionized employees of a prime defence supplier, walk off the job due to safety issue. They are ordered back to work by the government and they refuse to return until their work site safety concerns are addressed. They could be branded a Terrorist group.

Or how about this one?

The AARP, (American Assoc of Retired People), protests at the Capitol, they refuse to disperse when told to do so. The President labels the AARP a terrorist organization.

Don't think it can or will happen, if they have the power to do it, you can bet that they will use that power, against political enemies or against anyone that gets in their way.

History has shown that time and again.

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