Tuesday, September 21

An Orwellian Nightmare

What kind of an Orwellian Nightmare has the good old US of A become?

We have something called the “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health", which takes away our freedom to be secure in our person, and forces medication on people that do not want them.

At the same time we have a "War on Drugs" that prohibits anyone to use the drugs the government deems harmful, which again takes away our freedom to be secure in our person.

It is all in the meaning of the words choosen.

Put "Freedom", "Child", or "Patriot" in the title of any bill, and how can anyone be against:

Protecting Children?
Protecting your Country?

So we have headed down the path Mr Orwell expected we would, although he was off by more than 20 years, he was still correct in the final outcome. Correct, that is, unless people wake up and fight back.

If we don't do it, and do it very soon, the following should come in very handy:

"To imagine the future, imagine a boot stepping on a human face -- forever." - George Orwell in 1984


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