Friday, September 17

Ivan Redux

After watching the new last night, I really have to wonder why anyone would want to live someplace where they have something called "Hurricane Season"?

We have Winter, but after seeing what Hurricane Ivan has left in it's wake, winter seems more of just a minor inconvenience.

And Ivan doesn't seem to be done yet. The Blue Ridge mountains are going to get drenched again.

The biggest problem here in Michigan is we are a "Battleground State" so everytime to you turn around, there is a freaking Bush/Kerry (or some of their evil minions) motorcade messing up traffic somewhere in this state. It seems like a daily occurance they last few weeks.

Glad this will all be over in a tad over 6 weeks, over that is except for the lawyers fighting over the recounts again.

Hmmmm, Florida's voters had problems voting correctly last time around, and Florida is THE major "Hurricane Season" state.

I think I might have answered my own earlier question.

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004- No matter who wins, We the People lose


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