Thursday, September 16

OK enough already

Here are the facts regarding the current state of government and campaign:

1. Shrub got into the Air National Guard because of his family. - Anyone with even a few brain cells left can figure that one out, just like he is President because of his family.

2. John Boy did not deserve 3 Purple Hearts - And even if he did deserve them, he is either not smart enough or too unlucky to be Commander in Chief.

3. When Shrub proposes spending money, the John Boy people scream that it adds to the national debt and hurts the country - Even though the President cannot spend a penny - the House and Senate control the purse strings.

4. When John Boy proposes spending money, the Shrub people scream that is will add to the national debt and hurt the country.

--- NOTE ---

On points 3 and 4 they both are right. Any further spending will add to the debt and hurt the country, so why don't they both stop proposing spending of money they don't have?

5. John Boy is whining that Shrub lied about Iraq and tricked him into voting for war - Well Duh even I knew he was lying about Iraq, so if he can be tricked that easily he doesn't have a chance dealing with China/Russia/North Korea...

Enough for now.


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