Wednesday, September 15

Time Well Spent

After being bombarded by all the election '04' bullshit for what seems like 10 years now, I did something different last night.

I turned off the radio in my workshop, and loaded 5 of my favorite custom mix CD and hit play.

I then got down to working on a couple of projects for myself that have languished for too long. I managed to finish major fabrication of the bumper with swing out spare tire carrier for my 1977 CJ-7 that has been partially done for almost 2 years. Now all that is left is priming and painting.

The 1/3 sculpture 1/3 nightmare 1/3 outdoor fireplace also came along quite nicely. It is going to be awesome, the perfect addition to the farm when it is finished. Hell if to turns out as good as it look like it will, I may take it to Burning Man next year.

It still amazes me that cutting, bending, hammering, heating, riveting, and welding can act as such a mental vacation. So much got done last night that it was almost a crime to stop at 12:00am, but 4:30 am comes every morning, but I Owe, I Owe for off to work I go...

First thing this morning, NPR let me know I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Kerry was spouting about the Shrub lying about the cost of Medicare Drug Coverage, while proposing his plan to take the burden of providing health insurance off the backs of the corporations.

Hell we all know the government is much more frugul and does everything better than any greedy private company can, I am sure that is not going to cost us anything extra will it John Boy?

Only 3-4 times what it costs the now but everyone will be covered, and hell you will not really start to see how fucking much it costs until long after I am out of office.

So sit down, grab a beer, and turn the NASCAR race, all is well!

These two are freaking evil people, but one is sure to be the Leader of the so-called Free World soon.

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004 - Because no matter who wins, we are all lose!


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