Wednesday, September 15

Well Kerry is at it again.

Today the Mr Kerry of the Bush/Kerry ticket wrote an little ditty I hope everyone will enjoy. It swings and it is all Bullshit!

You can find it HERE

Just heard him in Toledo yesterday ranting about Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan costing so much more than he said it would.

Now here he is saying he has "proposed a health plan that would increase coverage while cutting costs."

I want Washington and Bush/Kerry having more control over my health, like I want my kids having a sleep over with Michael Jackson.

I'm also sure he'll disclose exactly how much it will cost, and not lie about it.

All you gotta do is ask yourself this question: What government program has ever cut costs or provided better service let alone both?

Should be offering a $100 cash bounty on the answer to this one, because I know I'd never have to pay.

And the only reason he even says this crap is because he knows the Sheepeople eat it up.

We're doooooomed.

I sure wish The Shrub would say something, anything, since I need to be fair and balanced, but he seems to be keeping a low "stupid sound bite profile" for once in his life.


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