Wednesday, September 22

I always suspected this was the case, now I have proof!

Well something I have suspected for years, has finally been proven.

The average voter is an idiot!

Here is the full story By Paul Campos.

Just a couple of my own points.

In all actuality the story says that it is really a majority of the voters that are idiots.

Now there is proof.

"No more than 10 percent of the population can be said to have a coherent political belief system, using even a loose definition of that term. Most peoples' political beliefs, to the extent they have any at all, suffer from a lack of what political scientists call "constraint," i.e., little or no logical connection exists between the positions they hold. For example, a large proportion of voters see no contradiction between being in favor of both lower taxes and increased government services."

So somewhere near 90% of the population see "no contradiction between being in favor of both lower taxes and increased government services", this explains a whole lot. The hell with logic.

"Someone else will pay for it, so it's going to be free!

Right Jackass, it is free until your kids or grandkids have to pay the tab.

Or how is this for the highly educated electorate being turned out by the public system?

"Even if we ignore how many people have no coherent political beliefs, or base their voting on irrational factors, the sheer ignorance of the average American should take us aback. Seventy percent of Americans can't identify their senators or their representatives. Around 30 million can't find the United States on a map."

With an electorate like that, the Good Old US of A is screwed!

Guess I better start learning Chinese or Arabic.


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