Monday, October 18

"If you don't vote for liberty, you will never get it."

Below is a commercial that the LP has produced, if you agree with them, please think about helping get them seen.

The Peace President?

I have run into a lot of people lately asking me to vote for Bush/Kerry and each time a tell them I will vote for their jackass if they can show me ONE concrete verifiable true policy difference between the two.

Not one has been able too yet.

The conversations all go something like this;

THEM: He's against This or That!
ME: Then why did he vote/order it?

THEM: Well he was lied to/received bad information!
ME: Then why did I not believe the information from the beginning, am I smarter/better informed?

THEM: If you vote for the other guy all kinds of bad things will happen!
ME: And if I vote for your guy who voted/allowed the bad things in the first place, I am suppose to believe that more Bad Things" will not happen?

You get the idea.

The only way to makes things better is to do something different, doing the same thing will not change the direction or outcome.

So how's about everyone who holds freedom dear, doing something different and vote for Freedom instead of the same old form of Slavery?


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