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How to Undo H.R. 10

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In this message:

* The House approves the national ID database
* What we must do to counter this
* The results of what we have done so far (lots of
people are joining you)
* The implications of the next terrorist attack
* Other news

The House has passed HR 10 with the national ID
database provisions intact. In fact, all the heinous
provisions we told you got through.

We have updated our web page accordingly with a brand
new campaign. The Senate has passed a much different
bill, so they still have to act on this issue. They
could either accept the bill or negotiate it point-by-
point in a Conference Committee. Then, if it passes,
the President has to sign or veto the bill. That's why
we must . . .

* Bombard the House with requests to undo what they
just did (they'll vote on this issue at least one
more time).

* Bombard the Senate with requests not to approve what
the House has done (your Senators have been added to
the Electronic Lobbyist system as an additional
target for your messages on this issue).

* Bombard the President with requests to veto this
bill when it comes to his desk.

Now pause and consider for a moment what the 9-11
attack has done to our country (on top of the death and
destruction suffered that day):

* The Patriot Act has chipped away at many of our
most basic Constitutional rights.

* Patriot Act II is waiting in the wings to do even
more damage.

* The Homeland Security Department has been created,
adding another layer of bureaucracy and expense to
an already bloated federal government.

* Another un-winnable guerrilla war, like Vietnam, is
being waged in Iraq, a country that had nothing to
do with 9-11.

* And now the House of Representatives has begun
laying the foundation for a national identification
system that will entangle all of us in its
bureaucratic web.

Meanwhile, despite all the money we pay in taxes, and
the massive size and resources of our intelligence
agencies, our government has still failed to hire the
translators it needs to decipher most of the telephone
calls and email messages it intercepts.

Any one of these messages could contain the plans for
the next terrorist attack, and yet the politicians are
busy transgressing our rights instead of using the
resources it already has to protect us.

This defines how big government operates. The
government has the resources to do its job, but it
fails anyway. Then it uses this failure as an excuse to
grab more resources and more power, at our expense. And
then it fails again, starting the whole process over

* Why do we need a Department of Homeland Defense?
Isn't that what the Pentagon is for?

* Why do we need a Patriot Act and a national ID
database, when the government can't even unify
the databases of foreign visitors it already

That should be their focus - making proper use of the
databases of foreigners they already have, not creating
a new database to ensnare Americans!

Now imagine how the politicians will react, and what
they will do to us, when the next terrorist attack
occurs. The answer is obvious.

The politicians will once again use their own failure
as an excuse to take more steps in the direction of a
police state. And we will be no safer than before. We
will merely be poorer and less free.

The time to stop this cycle of government failure and
growth is now. The House believes it is through with
this issue because it has already voted. Let's disabuse
them of this notion. Let's bombard them with messages
telling them to undo what they just did.

Our campaign to stop the national ID database is
growing, minute-by-minute.

* We recruited 513 new DC Downsizers during the month
of September, but now, in only the first 12 days of
October, we've recruited 574 new DC Downsizers, and
more are coming in every hour! Remember, MoveOn
started with just 100 people.

* We sent 6,018 messages to Congress in all of
September (our previous record), but now, in a
little less than two weeks in October, we've already
sent 7,146 messages to Congress!

* Last month DC Downsizers spread the word to 525
friends, but this month, in a little over ten days,
DC Downsizers have already told 1,091 friends about
our campaigns - and this too is a new record.

* When we launched our new Electronic Lobbyist system
at DownsizeDC.org, we had 11,642 subscribers to the
Downsizer-Dispatch. As of this morning, we have
12,541 subscribers. That's a 7% increase.

Together, we're growing. Your strength is increasing.
More and more people are hearing about Downsize DC. Our
strategy is working. So let's keep pushing, and make
these numbers rise even higher.

Hit the reset button. Last week, we focused our energy
on the House. Now, we must do whatever we can to roll
back the bill in the House AND the Senate so it doesn't
reach the President's desk. That's why I'm urging
everyone who reads this message to...

* Go to www.DownsizeDC.org and send a new message
using our Electronic Lobbyist system. Tell the House
AND Senate to stop this national ID database.

* While you're there, use our "pass along" message
system to tell your friends about our campaign,
and help your Downsize DC to continue this rapid

* AND THEN STOP and make a contribution so we can
buy more radio ads - even put me on talk shows to
spread the word even further and faster. For two
weeks, we broadcast ads on 120 stations. Today,
there are none.

* Please consider making a monthly credit card pledge
to give our effort a reliable source of steady
income. We have a goal for monthly credit card
pledges of $20,000 a month. Your contribution is
our budget.

Thank you, and congratulations for helping us realize
the potential of this important new strategy to
Downsize DC. Stay tuned.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

P.S. Take action at http://www.DownsizeDC.org right
now, before it's too late.


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