Wednesday, October 13

Threat Level is Now - RED++

Well I have gotten little or no comments/feedback here, so I have no idea if anyone reads most of this, but no matter I will soldier on.

I am setting the Threat Level to We the People at RED++, and I have little hope that anything can or will be done about it.

We have a EVIL Bastard as Attorney General - an EVIL Bastard who lost an election to a Dead Guy.

We have a EVIL Bastard as President - an EVIL Bastard who has crushed our freedom, RAISED our Taxes, and Duped us into endless war.

We have an EVIL Bastard who wants to be President - an EVIL Bastard who Claims to be a War Hero in another EVIL war, but who's actionsand assertions after his 4 whole months in country, lead to the mistreatment of his fellow soldiers at the hands of the enemy.

We have a bunch of EVIL Bastards in Congress - EVIL Bastards who at every turn Wipe their Lobbyist Encrusted Asses with the Constitution

We have an ignorant Electorate that cannot stop believing and electing these EVIL Bastards

And if you doubt my assertion that Iraq is an endless war, read this Why We Cannot Win


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