Wednesday, April 6

Remote Controlled Firearms Anyone?

Internet "Hunting"?

Now this goes too far for even me, but not for the reasons most would think. Also note how I am not advocating any passing of new laws to ban it?

What this is, is a big ol' scam separating fools and their money, but it really doesn't rise to the level of something illegal any more than the "Sink a Basket" or "Ring Toss" games at the carnival do.

First of all unless your worse off than Stephen Hawkings, I could get you out in the woods to hunt. So the "We're doing it for the disabled" is a sham since they do not require that you be disabled to become a member. Who there actual "target", so to speak, audience is the maladjusted that think it would be cool to "kill something", and for an extra $9.95 you can get it on DVD, not the disabled!

Secondly firing an accurate shot over the Internet would be next to impossible, as the image takes time to make it to you, then your fire command takes time to be received at the other end. As someone that has logged quite a few hours in the woods and plains behind a gun, it is not as easy as point it and something falls over dead.

Even with all the sensory input of being there in person it is not an easy thing to even hit something let alone product a one shot kill. If I am not sure that a shot will produce a kill or a be a total miss, I will not pull the trigger. Doing this via the net will be a very hard thing to pull off, more luck than anything else, but you get to "practice" first by shooting at paper or silhouette targets.

Sounds good doesn't it, hone your mad skillz on paper before going after the real big game? But paper and silhouette targets do not move, so I could have my shot fired 5 hours after I viewed and aimed at the stationary target and they would still hit the target.

So what is will be is a be money maker for the owners, and I bet no animals will be harmed in bringing you this website.

Monday, April 4

Libertarianism and the Free Market at Work

I heard for years that there is no money in conservation, and that Libertarians would trash the planet, well here is how a free market system really works.

When a problem/service/product becomes important enough to people that they will make purchasing decisions based on their core beliefs, then the market will rise to the occasion by creating a solution/product that meets the consumers needs.

Government cannot do this, because all they ever provide is a one size fits all solution, and if the solution is an incorrect one, it does matter, as government does not have to adapt to market pressures.

Like I have said before, if you are willing to propose a solution to a problem you need to be willing to put YOUR money where your mouth is, and this is an excellent example of what I mean by that.

It is also a fine example of what a free market system can do to improve both the ecology and the economy.