Thursday, November 18

This is exactly what I mean by Republicrats

Intellectual Honesty

Seems the government schools in Britian are just like ours

They do not like dissent

And the Prince is correct for once, imagine that.

Do we really want this?

Wednesday, November 17

A New Feature Here at on the Edge- Asshat of the Week

I have decided to pick one each week, so this being the first I will remember him most fondly.

This week, although only half over, it has to go to Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice.

I got a chance to attend his talk last night in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Here is some of what he had to say.

And here is why he gets my Asshat of the Week award.

Democracy should NEVER trump individual rights! Democracy is, as I have said here before, mob rule.

If it can be used to take basic individual rights away, then if I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to legalize slavery should it then be legal?

If I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to take all your property for distribution among the group ahould it be legal?

If I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to agree all Jews must die, should the killing then begin?

I am sorry, but you do not allow people to takes the rights of other, not with a vote.

There are absolutes what it comes to rights, absolutes that can never be crossed without great danger.

My rights are not up for a vote, and never will be. If anyone thinks they are, they have made a grave mistake. There is only one way my rights can be taken from me, and I will not go easily.

This goes for your rights also, I believe that if you are not willing to protect the rights of others, with your very life if necessary, then your's also become meaningless.

How's that for being a hard ass line in the sand kinda' guy?

So Mr Scaila, Hope you enjoy being my Asshat of The Week!

Best Regards.

Tuesday, November 16

I'm melting....

It is going to be a really busy week, too many things happening this week.

I do not know how much time I will have to post, so my postings will be somewhat lighter this week, but I will be posting a bit, and replying.

Please Don't Bring your Gun to work tomorrow OK Bubba?

And I also added a new link to Bard Girls excellent blog, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Monday, November 15

This is all they have too do?

READ THIS and weep.

I have nothing too say, this is why they get paid the big bucks with my money!

Another weekend gone.

We had beautiful weather this last weekend, a rarity for Michigan in November.

Clear skies and although it was a bit cooler than average, the fact that the sun was out more than made up for it.

It was a very busy weekend, too many things to do and too little time to do them all, but overall a productive one.

During a long tedious task I was doing, my mind wandered and I got to thinking about how we can make the world a better place for those that will come after us.

For the most part, I have my doubts that it can be done without the world becoming a much darker place first, we seem to need to be re-taught lessons learned long ago, but forgotten by most.

So today I guess I am going to preach a bit, which I find pretty damn of funny, because I am about as far from a religious person as you are bound to find in years of searching.

So here are the things that I believe need to be relearned/remembered before we have any hope for the future.


We all need to learn to be civil to people we come across in our day-to-day lives.

It amazes me at how angry people get at the perceived slights of total strangers.

Treat those you interact with on a daily basis with, at a minimum, respect.

You are no better, no more important, and your time is not more important than theirs is to them.


Involvement in ones community, not just your church or clubs, but more diverse involvement. By this, I mean being involved with those you do not normally encounter in your normal day-to-day life.

This helps one to understand themselves and others better, and promotes trust, and without understanding and trust, it is hard to achieve anything that is positive.


Learn to laugh, and do it at least once a day.

Learn to laugh at yourself, and not be offended when others do.

Personal Responsibility

Take responsibility for yourself. Your actions, decisions, your family.

It really is very simple, if you caused the problem, you should expect to own it.

It is no one else's fault if you gamble, drink, and do not like your job. If it is a problem you created, then fix it yourself.

True Self Esteem

Not arrogance.
Not "I'm OK, you're OK" pop-psychology in the public schools bullcrap
Not "We've got money/stuff so we're better than you!" crap
Not "We are stronger than you, so therefore we're better than you!" but self esteem based on a true sense of self-worth and personal achievements.

Families working with their children to explore their child's strengths and talents, and then nurturing those talents can only achieve this.

Day cares or government schools cannot do it. If you treat your children as annoyances to your life, they will have no idea of true self-worth.

We let me step down from the pulpit, adjust myself and say we have more opportunities than any other that has come before. How do you think we will be remembered in the future if we throw it all away?

My World Travels

I found a link to this on Karbonkountymoos blog (see link in my sidebar). Very cool.

First for the bits of the world I have seen.

Now the States:

How didn't I get to North Dakota? I'll have to fix that soon.

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