Friday, May 6

He may be a self described "Jackass" but for this he is a hero!

If you haven't heard about the arrest of a heckler at an Ann Coulter speech, you need to read this first.

Now for the reason AJAI RAI is a hero in my book.

He stood up for what he believed in, and that is more than 99.999% of people do these days. I do not agree with his politics, nor his method of expressing them, but damn he is sticking to his guns.

Hats Off to Mr. Rai.

Wednesday, May 4

New OKC Bombing Info?

After reading this story, you really have to wonder if the FEDs missed all those explosives in the crawlspace of a suspects home, then how do they expect to protect anyone against anything.

As usual the questions that need most to be asked are ignored by everyone.

Why no call of accountability from the FBI or ATF for missing this cache of explosives in the first place?