Friday, October 8

House to Vote on National ID Today!

It is Time to do something about this!

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h


By the time you receive this message the House may have
already passed HR 10. They're supposed to vote on it
sometime Friday evening. When the vote does come, that
may seem like the end of the story, but it's not.

Instead, it's only the beginning.

We may be at a turning point in the history of our
country. The national identification system contained
in HR 10 is a watershed event - a milestone in our
government's sad record of contempt for its citizens.
It cannot be allowed to stand.

The House of Representatives may vote to pass this law,
but that does not mean the House will rule the day.
Maybe that's the way it's been in the past, but at some
point the American people simply must tell their
"public servants" that "enough is enough."

This is that point. This is where we draw the line in
the sand.

Even thought the House is likely to pass this law, the
odds are still in our favor. The bill in the Senate is
missing many of the most offensive portions included in
the House Republican version of the bill.

But we must still take the fight to the House, right

* So, if the House passes this law, then they must
be persuaded to reverse course.
* And, if, by some chance, the Senate accepts this
new law too, then they too must be persuaded to
take it back.
* When the House and Senate go to conference to
work out their differences, we must bombard the
* And, if the President signs the law (and he's yet
to veto anything), then he must feel our wrath
until he wishes he'd forgotten how to use a pen.

What's done can be undone, if we demand that it be so.

Here's the vision - we must keep hammering them until
they submit. It will require resolve on your part.

How do we get there? We keep doing what we're doing.
It's working. We have to build to a critical mass, but
we can do it. Relentless people cannot be stopped. We
must be relentless. We must create the power to bend
our "rulers" to our will, or they will surely bend us
to theirs.

Email and the Internet is the way this starts. These
tools will be to us what the Committees of
Correspondence were to the American Revolution. They
will allow us to network, to find and mobilize allies,
and to prepare to deliver the telling punch.

We combine our email with radio interviews and radio
advertising. And possibly, with your support, we can
even give the national media the same treatment we're
going to give Congress, because the media failed to
tell us what Congress was doing with HR 10. We can make
the noise grow louder and louder.

At first it's only an annoying buzz in a politicians
ear. But by the end their ears will bleed from the
hugeness of the sound.

Minute by minute I'm watching the numbers for our
Electronic Lobbyist campaign tick upwards. Last month
we sent 6,018 Downsize DC messages to Congress. Now, in
just 7 days, we've sent 4,503, and most of those have
come in the last 24 hours.

I can see it happening as I watch our statistics page
on my computer screen. "Pass along" messages are
flowing out to spread the alarm through the Internet,
new people are flowing in and registering to be DC
Downsizers as a result of this campaign. And messages
are rushing out to Congress.

Let's keep pushing. Let's keep the sound growing.

* Send more messages to Congress. Go to the
"National ID Database" campaign at
If you've done so already, call a friend, and
urge them to join you.

* Send a message to all your friends, asking them to
participate. Please use the system on our website
to do this if you can, so we can keep track of
what's happening and use that good news to
encourage others to join.

* Let's start that "buzzing in the ear." Let's
make their phones ring so much it gives them a
headache. Call the architects of this disaster,
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and House
Majority Leader Tom Delay - especially if you live
in their districts! Tell them you oppose HR 10.
If they tell you the bill has already passed,
tell them you want it repealed immediately.
Remember, you're the boss. Here are
their phone numbers . . .

Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
Phone: 202-225-2976
Fax: 202-225-0697

Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX)
Tel: 202-225-4000
Fax: 202-225-5117

* Help us run more radio ads on this issue. We're on
120 stations TODAY ONLY, but we need to keep the ads
on the air, and expand. I urge you; please make a
secure contribution on our website.

This is only the beginning of our fight. We cannot give
up on this one. The future of freedom is at stake.

Go forth and annoy the politicians! They've been
begging for it.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

P.S. "No snowflake in an avalanche feels itself
responsible." -- C.P. Snow

Be a snowflake!

See I told you it is a Circus!, and Other Random Neuron Firings

I'm just putting together some articles and other things you may enjoy today.

Well this first one is just for fun.

Be a player in the Political Circus, amaze the electorate, grab as much money as you can, do awesome tricks to build your base! It's all here at THE POLITICAL CIRCUS

Teachers are educated people, they want their kids to be educated too. Like this one is a suprise? Public School Teachers Choose Private Schools by almost 2 to 1

Too bad the NEA works so hard to maintain their Monopoly on Public/Government Education. If the teacher do not believe in their product why should anyone?

How about a law that requires Public/Government School Teachers to send their kids to Public Schools, maybe that will make the public schools better.

H.R. 163 is being opposed by Ron Paul (R-TX) for reinstating what he calls "Draft Slavery", if there was any question I oppose H.R. 163 also!

The FDA is claiming that We the People should not be allowed to re-import perscription drugs from Canada and Europe because they "Cannot guarantee the quality or safety of these drugs".

I wonder if the FDA is so good at protecting us from "Bad Drugs", how did Vioxx or Phen-Fen get on the market?

They got on the market because the FDA is corrupt as any third-world dictator , and in the pocket of the drug companies!

Wednesday, October 6

Why are the Taxpayers Footing the Bill for a Press Conference?

What can I say?

Taxpayer take it again

Tuesday, October 5

Choose your Poison

"Strike the Root" is one of my favorite sites, it is well written, and on point.

Check out Jeff Langr's essay "Every Vote is Sacred"

Monday, October 4

Your Papers Please Part II

Ass-clown Oregon Governor require ID to buy over the counter cold remedies, all in the name of the War on Drugs.

Somehow I doubt the Meth lab chemists are walking up to the counter with 100 boxes of Sudafed before they cook up a batch. So what will this really do?

First You can bet more of these products will be stolen, secondly, more cold suffers will be asked personal questions for no good reason. It is just one more example of a law that does nothing but erode our freedoms.

You folks in Oregon better get cracking on you representives to stop this horse crap before it is signed into law. .


Just to maintain perspective...

Eclipse of the Moon Dec 2003

My reply

Below is a letter I received from one of my Senators in response to my letter regarding the Commission on Presidential Debates, and their XXXXXX

Dear Mr XXXX:

Thank you for contacting me about Presidential debates. I appreciate you sharing your concerns with me.

Presidential debates are run by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization funded through private donations. The goal of the CPD is to ensure that American voters have the opportunity to see the major candidates for President and Vice President debate and to help them make a more informed decision.

Critics of the CPD claim that it does not provide enough opportunity for independent and third party candidates to make their case before the American people. However, in many Presidential elections there have been more than one hundred declared candidates for the Presidency. The CPD has created a three-step process to determine whether a candidate has a legitimate chance of influencing the election. First, a candidate must meet the constitutional requirements for age and residency. Second, the candidate must have his or her name appear on enough state ballots to acquire 270 electoral votes, the number needed to be elected President. Lastly, a candidate must have demonstrated, through public opinion polls, the support of at least 15% of the electorate.

Because the CPD is a private organization, Congress does not have direct authority over how it chooses candidates. There are those who believe that because Presidential debates are a public service, the government should run them. Others believe letting the government control the debates could lead to abuse from whichever party controls the Presidency or Congress.

Thank you again for writing. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue and am glad you shared your views with me.

Carl Levin

Now for my reply:

Senator Levin,

Thank You for your reply but, I found it an insult to my intelligence.

You know as well as I that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is not a "nonpartisan organization" as you stated, it is a bipartisan organization created
by the former heads of the Republican and Democratic Parties in 1987 to, in their own words, "Take over the presidential debates".

The CPD was formed when the League of Woman Voters refused to allow the debate process to be co-opted by the secret back room agreements between the Republican
and Democratic nominees on how the debates would be conducted.

The CPD now controls not only what will be heard, but how it will be heard, and who will be heard, and amazingly it is only the Democrats and Republicans that are being
heard from since the CPD was took over the debates. What we now have is not a debate, but a joint pseudo-press conference where all the questions are known ahead of time and
the responses are scripted.

I can also tell by the tenor of your reply that you support the CPD, but why if Congress holds no sway over them, do you defend them so strongly?

You never seem to defend the small business owners of this state if you smell even a hint of possible impropriety, but you defend the CPD with all it's stench even though you have no "direct authority" over them.

As to the established criteria for determining if a "candidate has a legitimate chance of influencing the election", If Nader takes 2% of the vote away from Kerry, Mr Nader,
will influence the outcome of the election, is not that the reason that Democrats had been fighting to keep him off the ballot? .

If someone can legally hold the office and is on the ballot in states with a total of 270 votes in the Electoral College, then they should be in the debate plain and simple. Where or not you or I agree with their positions, their politics or their morals, the people will then decide, not the CPD.

But I forgot the idea of a level playing field is only for us ignorant, uneducated common folks, and like a number of other laws you have voted for, and shouldn't apply to the imperial ruling party politicians like yourself.

Thank You for helping me make my decisions for this and the next election cycle.

I Hope you get to enjoy retirement very soon.