Friday, September 17

The Coming Storm

Many people probably don't know this, but The Republicrats are setting up all the required prerequisites so that they can reinstate the draft.

HR 163, was introduced by New York Congressman Charles Rangel (Democrat) in January 2003 and here is just a snippet of what it says:

"It is the obligation of every citizen of the United States, and every other person residing in the United States, who is between the ages of 18 and 26 to perform a period of national service as prescribed in this Act...." Those who object to military service on religious grounds would be required to serve in a civilian capacity "that, as determined by the President, promotes the national defense, including ... Homeland security."

This is bad, but even worse is that the Selective Service is already actively seeking members to sit on the new draft board already before the bill has even been passed, ( Is the fix already in? Do they know something we don't?), in fact I received the letter asking me to be on the county board in Feb. 2004

Isn't it odd that they are actively recruiting members for the boards before they have a law establishing the draft?

The Shrub's "No Child Left Behind Act" contains a provision requiring schools to collect information on each and every student and forward to the Selective Service System contact information.

Nope they sure don't want No Child Left Behind when the troop transport leaves.

Now don't get me wrong, I support the US Military and our troops 150%. The vast majority of the young men and women in the service are some of the best we have to offer, with a great sense of honor and duty.

What I do not support is ass-hat politicians getting us involved in a war due to their ineptitude and then expecting anyone between 18 and 26 to be cannon fodder to further their personal/collective agenda.

I'm sorry but the US Military should only be used to protect our country from a direct threat, not the world's police force or peace keepers or mercinaries for energy companies.

Have you noticed that the ones that are yelling loudest about using them in this manner are also the ones that have never spent a day being shot at? Funny how that works isn't it?

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004- No matter who wins, We the People lose

The less scary looking semi-auto

. Here is the story behind the blue "Assault Rifle"

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004- No matter who wins, We the People lose

Why is this cute little girl crying

Crying Little Girl

Here is the answer

Dad looks fairly dejected too.

Come on, what kind of cretin would do that? A Republicrat cretin that's who!

I'd even bet it was the knuckle draggier standing to the left of them, ya know the one with the Union T-shirt and the backwards baseball cap.

You also gotta love the guy holding the Kerry/Edwards sign upside down behind them. Priceless!

I am sure however that the Left Wing of the Republicrat would be in favor of offering Daddy & Daughter Grief Counseling to get over the loss , that is as long as it is paid for by the taxpayers.

That would be Good ++ with them.

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004- No matter who wins, We the People lose

Ivan Redux

After watching the new last night, I really have to wonder why anyone would want to live someplace where they have something called "Hurricane Season"?

We have Winter, but after seeing what Hurricane Ivan has left in it's wake, winter seems more of just a minor inconvenience.

And Ivan doesn't seem to be done yet. The Blue Ridge mountains are going to get drenched again.

The biggest problem here in Michigan is we are a "Battleground State" so everytime to you turn around, there is a freaking Bush/Kerry (or some of their evil minions) motorcade messing up traffic somewhere in this state. It seems like a daily occurance they last few weeks.

Glad this will all be over in a tad over 6 weeks, over that is except for the lawyers fighting over the recounts again.

Hmmmm, Florida's voters had problems voting correctly last time around, and Florida is THE major "Hurricane Season" state.

I think I might have answered my own earlier question.

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004- No matter who wins, We the People lose

Thursday, September 16

More from the War for Drugs

And people say I'm cynical, well here is why.

Mandatory Mental Health Screening Threatens Privacy, Parental Rights by Wendy McElroy

Forced medication, this is right out the the Nazi playbook people.

Am I missing something here?

OK enough already

Here are the facts regarding the current state of government and campaign:

1. Shrub got into the Air National Guard because of his family. - Anyone with even a few brain cells left can figure that one out, just like he is President because of his family.

2. John Boy did not deserve 3 Purple Hearts - And even if he did deserve them, he is either not smart enough or too unlucky to be Commander in Chief.

3. When Shrub proposes spending money, the John Boy people scream that it adds to the national debt and hurts the country - Even though the President cannot spend a penny - the House and Senate control the purse strings.

4. When John Boy proposes spending money, the Shrub people scream that is will add to the national debt and hurt the country.

--- NOTE ---

On points 3 and 4 they both are right. Any further spending will add to the debt and hurt the country, so why don't they both stop proposing spending of money they don't have?

5. John Boy is whining that Shrub lied about Iraq and tricked him into voting for war - Well Duh even I knew he was lying about Iraq, so if he can be tricked that easily he doesn't have a chance dealing with China/Russia/North Korea...

Enough for now.

Maybe a new nickname is in order

It seems that New Orleans, The Big Easy, deserves a new nickname, how about "The Big Lucky"?

The city was founded in 1718 and is mostly below sea level. The fact that it has escaped direct hits from many hurricanes in the last almost 300 years.

Ivan turned away from it as well, which has to make it one of the luckest places on earth.

Good Luck Alabama, as you were not so lucky.

Wednesday, September 15

Well Kerry is at it again.

Today the Mr Kerry of the Bush/Kerry ticket wrote an little ditty I hope everyone will enjoy. It swings and it is all Bullshit!

You can find it HERE

Just heard him in Toledo yesterday ranting about Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan costing so much more than he said it would.

Now here he is saying he has "proposed a health plan that would increase coverage while cutting costs."

I want Washington and Bush/Kerry having more control over my health, like I want my kids having a sleep over with Michael Jackson.

I'm also sure he'll disclose exactly how much it will cost, and not lie about it.

All you gotta do is ask yourself this question: What government program has ever cut costs or provided better service let alone both?

Should be offering a $100 cash bounty on the answer to this one, because I know I'd never have to pay.

And the only reason he even says this crap is because he knows the Sheepeople eat it up.

We're doooooomed.

I sure wish The Shrub would say something, anything, since I need to be fair and balanced, but he seems to be keeping a low "stupid sound bite profile" for once in his life.

Time Well Spent

After being bombarded by all the election '04' bullshit for what seems like 10 years now, I did something different last night.

I turned off the radio in my workshop, and loaded 5 of my favorite custom mix CD and hit play.

I then got down to working on a couple of projects for myself that have languished for too long. I managed to finish major fabrication of the bumper with swing out spare tire carrier for my 1977 CJ-7 that has been partially done for almost 2 years. Now all that is left is priming and painting.

The 1/3 sculpture 1/3 nightmare 1/3 outdoor fireplace also came along quite nicely. It is going to be awesome, the perfect addition to the farm when it is finished. Hell if to turns out as good as it look like it will, I may take it to Burning Man next year.

It still amazes me that cutting, bending, hammering, heating, riveting, and welding can act as such a mental vacation. So much got done last night that it was almost a crime to stop at 12:00am, but 4:30 am comes every morning, but I Owe, I Owe for off to work I go...

First thing this morning, NPR let me know I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Kerry was spouting about the Shrub lying about the cost of Medicare Drug Coverage, while proposing his plan to take the burden of providing health insurance off the backs of the corporations.

Hell we all know the government is much more frugul and does everything better than any greedy private company can, I am sure that is not going to cost us anything extra will it John Boy?

Only 3-4 times what it costs the now but everyone will be covered, and hell you will not really start to see how fucking much it costs until long after I am out of office.

So sit down, grab a beer, and turn the NASCAR race, all is well!

These two are freaking evil people, but one is sure to be the Leader of the so-called Free World soon.

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004 - Because no matter who wins, we are all lose!

Bush/Kerry 2004

This is one paragraph best sums up my feeling on Bush/Kerry 2004.

As my friend Butler Shaffer pointed out here a few weeks ago, the choice is between one Yale graduate, pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, pro-expansive state member of "Skull-and-Bones" and another Yale graduate, pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, pro-expansive state member of "Skull-and-Bones." As Butler remarked, "It’s like getting to choose between emphysema and lung cancer!"

Click Here to read Wally Conger's entire essay 'But Whom Will You Root For?'

Vote Bush/Kerry 2004 - Because no matter who wins, we are all lose!

Tuesday, September 14

The Psyco State

If this doesn't upset you, then I doubt you can be upset.

Forced mental health testing and drugging, I thought we where fighting a War on Drugs?

I guess not.

A history lesson regarding the "Assault Weapons" Ban Law Expiration Media Coverage

I've been listening to a broad range of media coverage on the Federal law banning assault weapons expiring.

I have heard John Kerry, NPR, Dennis Miller, and numerous others talking about this, and found something very interesting in what each has said:

All have used terms like AK-47, Military, Machine Guns or Automatic to describe this weapons.

Here are the facts, and I will pay $100, (via Cash or PayPal) to anyone that can refute these facts:

The AK-47's are full automatic weapons
Military only Weapon are full automatic weapon
Machine Guns are full automatic weapons
Automatic weapons are full automatic weapons

Semi-Automatic look alike versions of these weapons is what the so-called Assault Weapons ban actually banned, since it is and has been illegal for a private citizen to own an automatic weapon, they are all lying or totally ignorant.

Now ignorance is not necessarily a bad thing since it can be dealt with, this is done using something called Education.

Education was a process that people relied on, back in the old days, to determine Factual Information from Bullshit Information.

If they were ignorant of the facts on a subject they would go out and check out what had been told to them, this is how they became Educated.

If they where too lazy or uninterested and had not taken the time to educate themselves to the facts, they would have the keep their mouths shut so that others didn't know how ignorant they really where.

There were also another another type of people back then, they knew the facts, but told people lies to promote their own agendas. These people where known as Propagandists.

They where employees of corrupt governments, (mainly fascist communist or socialist but democracys where not above using them either), and lied to the people for a living.

Lying was their job and they did their job very well, since many people believed their lies.

Hmmmm... I wonder what is happening here.

Monday, September 13

Hmmm something seems familar about this...

This is pretty long, but very informative.

Shows where the environmental movement and our government have come from and where both are headed.


I have totally had it with the whole Bush/Kerry coverage.

There is no difference between either of them, in anyway other than Kerry has weirder hair, and therefore there is no reason to vote for either of them.

They are both pro war

They are both believe that more government is always the answer

They both are liars

They both are totally out of touch with "real" people

They both love the power

They both love spending other peoples money on their ideas

So someone/anyone please explain why the high level of passion?


Hello All,

Well my 1st post, and I am pretty busy right now, but just a quick question.