Friday, September 24

The "Marriage Amendment" Part I

The DC crowd seems to be spending a lot of time and energy on amending the Constitution to include something they like to call the "Marriage Amendment".

So last night I took some time to sit down with the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, to find any reference to marriage in either document. Guess what? Neither say anything about the Federal Government having any control of marriage.

In fact the 10th Amendment states:

Amendment X - Powers of the States and People.- Ratified 12/15/1791.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Note well this. Anything not expressly granted to the Federal government is reserved for the States or the People. Although this amendment is very liberally interpreted, it is one of the tenets of the Constitution. This amendment is also known as the States' Rights Amendment.

Since marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution, and the 10th clearly says that if it is not in here, then it is States domain to control, why all the wasted effort?

Control. Plan and simple control.

Just like Education, Health, Emergency, Management, Environment... The list goes on and on, none of which are mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

One side wants their "Right" to marry, the other side wants to use the Federal Government to block them for being allowed to marry.

Both sides are wrong!

Lets first take a look at the History of Marriage in anglo-european civilizations.

The beginnings of marriage are hard to trace, but in the earliest time it was more of an arrangement between families, with little input from the couple.

Somewhat later, marriage evolved into a sort of social contract of the couples with their families. This types of marriage known as Common Law still existed today.

As Christianity spread, the idea of a "free" marriage came into being. This was a marriage in which the marrying parties agreed to the marriage with the own free will. This agreement meant that each partner was to keep the marriage vows and the marriage intact.

During the Roman Empire we see the beginnings of marriage as we now know it. A Roman citizen could, if he wanted, have a legalized marriage. This offered an alternative to the common law/free marriage in the form of a legal agreement between the parties, but still the man could dissolve this agreement at anytime, the woman was not offered this privilege.

It is during this time that Roman Emperor Justinian, created the Justinian Code, which established the modern idea of lawful/legal/civil marriage.
Before the Justinian Code, all that was required to be married was to state that you where married. There were no government or church requirements regarding marriage. The Justinian Code changed that.

It created a new type of marriage, a legal/civil form that citizens of the Roman Empire where expected to follow, if they expected the Empire to recognize it as a lawful joining. It also codified certain prohibitions on marriage, like certain close family members.

This was the beginning of governmental control of marriage with mildly religious overtones. It is also where we first find the legal definition: "Marriage, or matrimony, is a binding together of a man and woman to live in an indivisible union". This is the point in time when marriage became a privilege of the state. The state allowed people to enter into a legal state of Marriage, or Matrimony which the state would then recognize with all the responsibilities and privileges it afforded.

Many other minor adjustments to the idea of marriage, but the Justinian Code forms the basic die from which all later ideas of marriage and perticulary the concept of civil marriage are struck.

Marriage did not even become a "sacrament of the church" until the 12th century. For the first 1,200 years of the Christian Church, and for 700 years after The Justinian Code, there existed only two forms of marriage, common law, and civil unions santioned by town or village governments.'' The created the third form, which really only added ceremony, a church wedding was still in reality either a common law or a civil marriage, both were performed by a cleric of the church.

These traditions where carried to this country by early european emigrants, and become the America tradition.

No major changes in the basic structure occured for structurally changed with this from thirteen hundred year old system until anti-miscegenation laws were passed in this country starting in the mid-1600s in Maryland, continuing right up until a preposed Anti-Miscegenation Amendment to the Constitution in the early 1900s.

Next time - Final Points on the Marriage Amendment

Thursday, September 23

What can the People Do?

If anyone has been reading my postings, and I have no idea if anyone is, they will know that I am opposed to the Republicrat lock in all things political.

The Republicrats pass laws that assure their hands will retain the reins of power, and cripple all other points of view, be they from private citizens, parties or candidates.

Big media then plays their part as cheerleaders for these laws spouting how this will finally get big money out of politics, and the people remain ignorant to any ideas that oppose the ruling party's positions.

The Republicrats are terrified of an open exchange of ideas in a public forum, since they might not have the best answers and the power might leave them, so they stack the deck against that happening. They stack the deck in a number of different ways: The Commission on Presidental Debates (CPD), and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are the most visible.

The Commission on Presidental Debates (CPD), created by the Republicrats, receives special exemptions from the tax code, special exemptions from campaign finance laws, and is supose to conduct non-partisan presidential debates. That is how the CPD is suppose to work, but in practice it operates in such a blatantly bi-partisan manner that even a DC District court has ordered a review of the CPD.

If The Federal Election Commission were a private group, it would be brought up on RICO charges. Their methods resemble those of the mob, conspiring together to make sure no other group can move in on their territory. They silent their foes with some of the laws they create, and amplify their own by structuring other laws to work in their advantage.

What can We The People do about this? Check out

Finally Summer has arrived

Well today is the first full day of fall, and the weather here in Michigan is incredible, better than it has been all summer.

Todays forecast is for Sun and 85 degrees.

September's weather has been much nicer than August, July or June, which basically where cold and rainy.

Summer has finally reached Michigan, just in time for Fall.

Wednesday, September 22

A choice between harmful bacteria and deadly parasites? He's hit the nail on the head.

When is a choice not a choice?

Two Choices for President on

I always suspected this was the case, now I have proof!

Well something I have suspected for years, has finally been proven.

The average voter is an idiot!

Here is the full story By Paul Campos.

Just a couple of my own points.

In all actuality the story says that it is really a majority of the voters that are idiots.

Now there is proof.

"No more than 10 percent of the population can be said to have a coherent political belief system, using even a loose definition of that term. Most peoples' political beliefs, to the extent they have any at all, suffer from a lack of what political scientists call "constraint," i.e., little or no logical connection exists between the positions they hold. For example, a large proportion of voters see no contradiction between being in favor of both lower taxes and increased government services."

So somewhere near 90% of the population see "no contradiction between being in favor of both lower taxes and increased government services", this explains a whole lot. The hell with logic.

"Someone else will pay for it, so it's going to be free!

Right Jackass, it is free until your kids or grandkids have to pay the tab.

Or how is this for the highly educated electorate being turned out by the public system?

"Even if we ignore how many people have no coherent political beliefs, or base their voting on irrational factors, the sheer ignorance of the average American should take us aback. Seventy percent of Americans can't identify their senators or their representatives. Around 30 million can't find the United States on a map."

With an electorate like that, the Good Old US of A is screwed!

Guess I better start learning Chinese or Arabic.

Tuesday, September 21

An Orwellian Nightmare

What kind of an Orwellian Nightmare has the good old US of A become?

We have something called the “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health", which takes away our freedom to be secure in our person, and forces medication on people that do not want them.

At the same time we have a "War on Drugs" that prohibits anyone to use the drugs the government deems harmful, which again takes away our freedom to be secure in our person.

It is all in the meaning of the words choosen.

Put "Freedom", "Child", or "Patriot" in the title of any bill, and how can anyone be against:

Protecting Children?
Protecting your Country?

So we have headed down the path Mr Orwell expected we would, although he was off by more than 20 years, he was still correct in the final outcome. Correct, that is, unless people wake up and fight back.

If we don't do it, and do it very soon, the following should come in very handy:

"To imagine the future, imagine a boot stepping on a human face -- forever." - George Orwell in 1984

Liars and the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

OK, so Kerry says Bush lied to Congress, and Bush says Kerry is flip-flopping again. Hmmm, this seems to be the first truthful statements out of either of their mouths in weeks.

So I came up with an idea, and using both the Bush and Kerry voting/supporting statements I plugged in their answers, (based on their past records), into the "Worlds Smallest Political Quiz"

The Quiz asks 5 questions regarding two Issue areas, Personal Issues and Economic Issues.

You are asked to answer each question A if you agree, M for Maybe, D if you disagree.)

The Personal Issues questions are :

1. Government should not censor speech, press, media or Internet

2. Military service should be voluntary. There should be no draft

3. There should be no laws regarding sex for consenting adults

4. Repeal laws prohibiting adult possession and use of drugs

5. There should be no National ID card

The Economic questions are:

1. End "corporate welfare." No government handouts to business

2. End government barriers to international free trade

3. Let people control their own retirement; privatize Social Security

4. Replace government welfare with private charity

5. Cut taxes and government spending by 50% or more

Amazingly, (not at all), I got the same basic result for both of them, and here is what it was:

According to your answers, your political philosophy is: Authoritarian Statist

Statists want government to have a great deal of control over individuals and society. They support centralized planning, and often doubt whether liberty and freedom of choice are practical options. At the very bottom of the chart, left-authoritarians are usually called socialists, while right-authoritarians are generally called fascists.

So I guess no matter how you slice it you have two authoritarian statists as the front runners for leader of the free world, but it's OK since the Sheeple got to vote for their poison.

Monday, September 20

Beautiful Weekend

Well we had a beautiful weekend here in the land of Levin the Lying Loser

Have a pile of things to do before the snow flys, and got only a handful done, but I am happy. It is too beautiful not to be.

As for the campaigns, hear Edwards talking about the out of touch millionaires in D.C this morning on the radio, damn near drove off the road I was laughing so hard. That is a "pot calling the kettle black"
situation if I ever saw one.

Is that a National ID in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Here is some important information from the Electronic Frontier Foundation on what Asscroft, the 911 Coverup Commission, and your polititians are try to push through mainly behind the scenes.

Wonder why Ran Dather is on this one, could be that he works for GE, and GE makes lot 'o' stuff for the military.