Friday, November 12

The Philosophy Of Liberty for Dummies

Well not only for dummies!

This is the most direct and concise explanation of the basic philosophy of liberty I have ever seen.

If you sometimes wonder where I am coming from, this all you need to understand the principles I hold dear.

This plainly illustrates why I rant against Marxists statists, fascists, fundamentalists, or any other "ists" for that matter.

How I can be for the legalization of drugs, but also against gun control laws, why I am for freedom of religion but against religion based morality laws, such as the numerous "Defense of Marriage" laws being proposed.

I am neither on the right or left of issues, but stand firmly in the middle the pro-liberty side of all issues.

To most people I do not fit into a neat little box, that is until you understand what liberty is, then the box becomes very apparent.

This is about 5 minutes long, and requires Flash to be installed on your computer, If you do not have Flash installed, this is a great reason to do so.

I hope you enjoy it, but more importantly understand it and practice it in your day to day life.

The Philosophy Of Liberty

Enjoy the weekend all.

The Soap Box, The Ballot Box, The Jury Box, and The Cartridge Box

"In America, freedom and justice have always come from the soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and when that fails, the cartridge box." - Steve Symms, U.S. Senator, Idaho

The Good Ol' US of A is in trouble, serious trouble, because we are losing our boxes.

The worst part of it is that most are too ignorant to see it thanks to the Public (Government) Education System, but an uneducated populace is in their best interest. If you are a critical thinker, then maybe you will not suck down the diet of lies you are feed, and if this happens, they lose power.

Government at it's best provides it's people with protection and adjudication nothing more, nothing less. This is the form of Government we are promised in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

However we not longer have, if we ever truly did, such a Government, we have devolved into a nation of whiners, busy bodies and co-dependant crybabies .

The majority (We the Sheeple) prefer to crawl, begging for their security, preson welfare and existence at the feet of government. This is done at the expense of those who wish to live free and stand on their own two feet (We the People).

Sadly, it seems that the only way to obtain freedom is to remove ones self from so-called productive society, to live outside societal norms.

It is still possible to remove yourself from their evil grip to a large degree, I did it for a week with no trouble at all, but once I jumped in the car to head home, they had me again. Gastaxes, seatbelt laws, speed limits..., it all started again their grip on my life.

There are again big questions about how the vote was conducted. Just yesterday, the Libertarian Party and Green Party files for and are paying for a recount in Ohio. Looks like the ballot box is out.

The Jury Box will be populated with the uneducated that do not understand their basic rights as human beings, so how can they uphold anyone's rights? Looks like the Jury Box is not an option.

What do we have left of the four boxes we started with? Sadly, only have the Soap Box, and the Cartridge Box.

This is my Soapbox, I use to in the hope that I can prevent the use of the last remainingr box, however I am not optimistic that it is possible, but I have to try.

Thursday, November 11

Headed in the right direction?

President Bush named Alberto Gonzales as his choice to replace the Evil Ashcroft as Attorney General, but once again I think we are screwed.

There were two possible replacements for Ashcroft named, Alberto Gonzales and Larry Thompson, and the Schrub choose the greater of two evils once again.

To quote from Gonzales to Succeed Ashcroft, Sources Say by Scott Lindlaw

Gonzales has been at the center of developing Bush's positions on balancing civil liberties with waging the war on terrorism - opening the White House counsel to the same line of criticism that has dogged Ashcroft.

For instance, Gonzales publicly defended the administration's policy - essentially repudiated by the Supreme Court and now being fought out in the lower courts - of detaining certain terrorism suspects for extended periods without access to lawyers or courts.

He also wrote a controversial February 2002 memo in which Bush claimed the right to waive anti-torture law and international treaties providing protections to prisoners of war. That position drew fire from human rights groups, which said it helped led to the type of abuses uncovered in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

Some conservatives also have quietly questioned Gonzales' credentials on core social issues. And he once was a partner in a Houston law firm which represented the scandal-ridden energy giant Enron.

Looks like we have Asshat Jr, on deck.

Wednesday, November 10

Oh Happy Day!

John (Asshat) Ashcroft, a big player in the administration's Axis of Anti-liberty Evil is outta here. He tendered his resignation on Nov 2nd.

Anyone who values their Freedom should be ecstatic, but he could be replaced with someone even worse, so close attention is warranted.

Now maybe we can work on rolling back pieces of the War on Liberty, AKA The Patriot Act.

Tuesday, November 9

Well I guess it is officially a Crusade!

Hello my loyal reader, not readers, you know who you are!

I have returned from the wilderness, begrudgingly, and am back home.

It felt so good to live as a totally free person, if only for a week, and I was free.

I paid no income/sales/medicare/social security/gas/single business or any other tax for 7 whole days. I ate what I caught, shot, or foraged 99% of the time, and had no schedule to keep. I spent my time reading, sleeping, hunting, fishing and thinking. I think everyone should do this once a year, it does put thing in perspective.

But at another level it is good to be back the people I love. But enough of that, if you really want to know more ask me and I'll tell you about it, but it is time to get back to business at a number of different levels.

Sooo here I go.


Well the election results are in, and Shrub won.

Now I know there are Dems out there that say the election was stolen or that people are stupid, I agree, but I would be agreeing with the same statement if John Boy won.

"Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." - H.L. Mencken

Electing someone that will take something for any minority group to give it to the majority group is stealing, plan and simple. So at it's very core Democracy is one group with 50% + 1 vote stealing form the other group.

As for the other part of that statement.

Yes Virginia, people are too stupid to see that if they allow the government to steal from a minority group, they too will at some time be a minority and the government will steal from them.

So get over it, just like I have had to do all these years!

As to the reason for the Shrubs victory, it is being said that the Repubs ability to get out the evangelical that vote turned the election his way.

This really got me thinking.

If Shrub is in office due to the fundamentalist vote, then why does the U.S. government have such a problem with Middle Eastern Muslim fundamentalist governments?

What will they do if a fundamentalist Muslim wins election as President of Iraq, or are devote Muslims excluded from running?

You can bet the US will not stand for a secular government in Iraq, yet the Republican party is loaded with fundamentalist Christians, John (the Asshat) Ashcroft comes to mind.

So for all practical purposes his war in Iraq could then be labeled a Christian Holy War, or the new Crusades.

And for all you so-called Christians out there that think this is a good thing getting those heathen Muslims, remember the idea of stealing I talked about earlier?

It applies in this case too.

Or to put it another way, "What goes around, comes around" and when it does it is usually in spades. Try to remember this the next time they attack this country this is a Holy War, the Republicrats said so!

Monday, November 8

Back to Civilization?

Just a very quick post, since I am still not home.

I managed to stay away from the radio, television, newspapers, people and most of all the internet until mid-day Thursday.

I finally broke down and trekked into town to have someone else cook my lunch, (a BLT and a bowl of really excellent bean soup), when I heard the results. Imagine my suprise when I heard that we had actually managed to hold an election where the outcome was decided by the voter, not the courts, and was determined within 24 hours.

I was shocked.

I guess I have to give Lurch his props for showing some class and conceding. I also heard that little John didn't want to go so easily, but then again he is a TRIAL LAWYER!

GOOD JOB AMERICA! Now if you only would have picked someone that would uphold the Constitution!

Back to posting tomorrow or Wednesday, and I have a bit to say. lol