Monday, November 8

Back to Civilization?

Just a very quick post, since I am still not home.

I managed to stay away from the radio, television, newspapers, people and most of all the internet until mid-day Thursday.

I finally broke down and trekked into town to have someone else cook my lunch, (a BLT and a bowl of really excellent bean soup), when I heard the results. Imagine my suprise when I heard that we had actually managed to hold an election where the outcome was decided by the voter, not the courts, and was determined within 24 hours.

I was shocked.

I guess I have to give Lurch his props for showing some class and conceding. I also heard that little John didn't want to go so easily, but then again he is a TRIAL LAWYER!

GOOD JOB AMERICA! Now if you only would have picked someone that would uphold the Constitution!

Back to posting tomorrow or Wednesday, and I have a bit to say. lol


Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Hello! Glad that you're still kicking...

8:06 PM, November 08, 2004  
Blogger Living_on_the_Edge said...

I sure am, how are things with you?

3:03 PM, November 09, 2004  
Blogger KarbonKountyMoos said...

Still kicking, but not very high...

1:26 PM, November 11, 2004  
Blogger Living_on_the_Edge said...

And why not?

2:03 PM, November 11, 2004  

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