Thursday, October 28

We are a Constitutionally Limited Republic, not a Democracy

The form of government in the good ol' US of A is called a Constitutionally; Limited Republic not, as spewed by the media, politicos and the ignorant, a Democracy. This is very important people, since it is really the key to our freedom.

It is the reason we have the Constitution, the Electorial College and the requirement of a 2/3 majority to amend the Constitution. In a Democracy we need none of this.

The Constitutionally Limited Republic form of government protects the rights of the minority against the wants of the majority or put another way:

Democracy equals two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what’s for dinner.

Democracy is mob rule, plan and simple. In a democracy blonde haired people can vote to exterminate dark haired people, and all it takes is one vote over 50% to make it happen.

So for all those lovers of democracy, I sure hope you are not part of a minority group that could someday be oppressed, because mark my words it WILL happen it is just a matter of when not if.

And while I am on this I have a few questions I’d love just to have someone answer for me:

How could anyone be for “Freedom of Speech” and also for “Hate Speech” laws?

How does one protect their right to “Freedom of Speech” if they do not have a right to protect their physical person?

How can anyone advocate taking over another country because they have Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet believe that we have the right the same weapons?

The Constitution limits the Government’s powers to infringe on the rights of the people, but we find ourselves in the situation where it is almost totally ignored unless the politicians find it useful in furthering their wants.

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