Wednesday, November 17

A New Feature Here at on the Edge- Asshat of the Week

I have decided to pick one each week, so this being the first I will remember him most fondly.

This week, although only half over, it has to go to Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice.

I got a chance to attend his talk last night in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Here is some of what he had to say.

And here is why he gets my Asshat of the Week award.

Democracy should NEVER trump individual rights! Democracy is, as I have said here before, mob rule.

If it can be used to take basic individual rights away, then if I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to legalize slavery should it then be legal?

If I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to take all your property for distribution among the group ahould it be legal?

If I can get 50% +1 vote of the mob to agree all Jews must die, should the killing then begin?

I am sorry, but you do not allow people to takes the rights of other, not with a vote.

There are absolutes what it comes to rights, absolutes that can never be crossed without great danger.

My rights are not up for a vote, and never will be. If anyone thinks they are, they have made a grave mistake. There is only one way my rights can be taken from me, and I will not go easily.

This goes for your rights also, I believe that if you are not willing to protect the rights of others, with your very life if necessary, then your's also become meaningless.

How's that for being a hard ass line in the sand kinda' guy?

So Mr Scaila, Hope you enjoy being my Asshat of The Week!

Best Regards.


Blogger Kathryn said...

Scalia is already on my short list for asshat of all time, and his comments in the article didn't do anything to change that.

Telling quote: "The Senate and I have an understanding. They leave me alone and I leave them alone." Yup, Antonin, that's called separation of powers, congratulations on passing high school civics. Dumbass.

Did you see the protesters? How did they take his mocking them?

10:37 PM, November 17, 2004  
Blogger Living_on_the_Edge said...

The protesters were actually pretty funny, and totally ineffective as protesters usually are, especially in the case of a Supreme Court Justice that has a lifetime job.

They just go more pissed, but did nothing other than make themselves look foolish.

Then again most where poor little rich kids, that will risk nothing of any value for principles.

They have been taught in the government schools that the greatest good comes from being pragmatic, so looking ahead they know that in a couple of years they will be working for a multi-national, so they can't risk being arrested for something they believe in.

Hell and arrest for protesting Scalia, will basically blow any chance at that six or seven figure job, and isn't it really just all the about the Benjamins anyway?

8:49 AM, November 18, 2004  
Blogger Kathryn said...

It's so sad to me that the tradition of civil disobedience in this country is hopelessly co-opted.

I went to a private lib arts college which I loved. But I remember being so angry at all the little trust fund baby faux-cialists who used Daddy's platinum card to books tickets to the WTO protests. And dressed from Goodwill, but only ate food they bought at the super high end (non-unionized I might add) grocery store. Grrrrrrr.

So now when we think of protesters, we think of those yahoos, instead of MLK, Jr. or Rosa Parks.

1:40 PM, November 18, 2004  

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