Thursday, January 13

Asshat of the Month

Drum Roll Please......

Is Lt General (Retired) Patrick M. Hughs!

See above with his wife, or is that his daughter? I have no freaking idea, could be his sister, mother, hell guess it could be a TV he picked up right before the picture was taken.

It also appears that some unknown item is being inserted up this arse from the pose he is in and the banal smile on his face. Hmmm... that smile reminds me of another Patrick:

He may look harmless, Lt. General Hughes that is (Patrick the Star Fish IS harmless for the most part), but don't trust him, he's a tricky one, and evil, check out this quote by the smilin' general.

“Set aside what the mass of people think. Some things are so bad for them that you cannot allow them to have them. One of them is war in the context of terrorism in the United States. Therefore, we have to abridge individual rights, change the societal conditions, and act in ways that heretofore were not in accordance with our values and traditions, like giving a police officer or security official the right to search you without a judicial finding of probable cause.”

Can you say the word "Traitor" General? I'll bet you can, and that's good because you are one.

If it were up to me you would be spending a good long time in a good old Federal Pound'em in the Arse Prison, somewhere offshore of course so that his right to a hearing/trial/lawyer could be disregarded.

He is We the Peoples enemy and as such should be labeled one just like folks down at Gitmo in Cuba and sent there, but not in the Schrub administration. G "Wanker" Bush puts this fucker in the job og top intelligence official for the Department of Homeland Security.

Read my last post for more of the generals ideas to keep Americans free, it will become even more clear why he deserves the honor of being my Asshat of the Month.


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