Tuesday, March 1

John Gilmore - A Real American and My Hero of the Week -

Alright people, this is what being a patriotic American is truly all about.

True patriotism is not about blinding following the Governmental Dictators or swallowing the sludge they spew.

True Patriotism is about following the basic, very simple principles that this country was founded on.

Hell these principles are so simple that a certain group of 9-12 year olds I know scored a combined average of 98% on a test regarding the Rights contained in the Bill of Right and the Constitution usually given to young adults. Not a single kid in the group scored lower than a 92%

Most adults, over 65%, totally fail this test, and mind you these kids did not spend weeks studying these documents in a classroom somewhere, in fact less than a weeks ago was the first time most had even laided eyes on either and with a couple of hours of studying over a few days, they where about to excel.

Now this bring me back to Mr Gilmore, I bet he could pass with flying colors too.

We need to say a big, fat NO to government invasions of our liberties, no matter how small they may seem at first because someday very soon even the most ignorant amongst us will be able to see what we have lost.


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