Wednesday, September 14

OK, Guess I Should be Starting a List

Well here is another "Criminal" of the Katrina disaster.

First there was Chief Arthur Lawson, now I would like you to meet Rep. William Jefferson.

With the news today that the state has brought the owners of a nursing home up on murder charges for not evacuating the residents of their home, I think Chief Lawson should get the same treatment. Who knows how many deaths he is responsible for. I am sure that the total is potentially more than the 34 that died in the nursing home.

And then there is the Dishonorable Rep. Willy. This Asshat really needs to recieve a good ass whipping from the people of LA.

Just one more example of our fine Government at work. After the billions poured down the government rat hole for so-called "Homeland Security" after 9/11, emergency services are at best in the same pitiful state as before the WTC came down.

So what happened to all those billions?

Now the politicians are already calling for more money to "fix the system". Does this sound familiar to anyone? Where are the "fixes" we already paid for? All I saw was government agencies and their minions slowing or stopping the relief efforts.

I say enough money has been spent and it is time that we all save some money. And we do this by taking all emergency response systems, and the money, away from incompetent politicians, and put it back under local community control.

And by local community control I mean local communities, not just the cities, villages, townships, but neighborhoods organized to take care of themselves for the at least the first 96 hours after a disaster.

How they do this is up to them. It could be by training residents to function as Medical First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics. It could be by hiring a private company to provide these services, but however it is done it is up to these small groups to do it.

This way if it is not done well, there will be no finger pointing or scapegoating as everyone will know where and who is responsible for any failures in the system.

Don't like this idea? Don't trust your neighbors? Well then I have another idea for you. It is called self reliance. It means taking care of these things yourself.

I was amazed to see able bodied people sitting, waiting passively for someone to come "save" them. I bet in many cases help never did come. The "help" was too busy protecting Rep. Willy's stuff.

What Katrina should have taught all of us one thing. You cannot count on help coming to you, so you have to be be your own help, kind of like this guy.


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