Monday, December 13

Good Old Ben

"Force shites upon Reason's back." - Benjamin Franklin.

It was true over 200 years ago when he wrote it, and it is still true today.

If only people could understand this simple idea we would all be so much better off.

People are constantly calling for Government to use it's force for their personal benefit whether that benefit be financial, spiritual, moral or emotional.

Calling for government to use force against anyone to further your wants and wishes is just plain cowardly.

Do you believe that no one should smoke? Then why don't you personally come over and try take the cigarette out of my mouth?

Do you think that funding stem cell research is important? Then why don't you try mug me on the street and send the money to those doing the research?

If you answer yes to any pair of these, then you are a Coward! Plan and simple.

I'll tell you why that is. It's because you have chosen to live life as a coward. You prefer to put others in harms way for your gain. You will not risk anything of yourself, you will let the government thugs do your bidding for you, because there are consequences of taking action yourself.

You have no right to tell others how to live, and they have no right to tell you how to live.

There is no "Right to Stick your Nose into Peoples Business" found in the Bill of Rights.
There is no "Right to Tell Other People how to Live" found in the Bill of Rights.
There is no "Right to Take Other Peoples Money for your Causes" found in the Bill of Rights.

Do you think we all can remember this, and live by it?


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