Monday, December 20

National ID Red Alert!

Just a snippet for Stephen Yates' "National ID Red Alert!".

...Hegelian dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis: the deliberate creation of a problem resulting in a panicked reaction, leading the masses to accept a predetermined solution it would never have accepted before. The entire "war on terrorism" is taking on a character very much like this. (I sometimes tell people that when the federal government declares "war" on anything, your best bet is to put your hands over your head and run for cover. All one need do is look at the "wars" on poverty and drugs, and wonder why the "war" on terrorism will be any different.)

Understanding the "Hegelian dialectic" is very important in understanding why and how things are happening within our government today. It is used to guide the people into doing what their rulers wanted them to do all along, but maintaining the illusion of the people being in control.

If it doesn't apply to our current situation, I guess it never will.


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