Wednesday, February 2


First, please read this before continuing on.

So what do you think? Want to hear what I think? Well too bad if you don't because if you have read any of my posting, you'd have to know I'm gonna vent, and it is very apt to contain a few "F-bombs", and I will also be advocating rather harsh measures, so if you want to remain untainted, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE!

First of all, Mr Manning should be granted a 24 hour private "visit" with Agents Gary Miller and Robert Buchan, if he wishes that is.

You know me, I'm not into forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

During this "visit", the agents are to bound securely, lets say with superglue and welded steel bands, to operating room tables in a fire and sound proof room.

A wide selection of tools should also be provided Mr Manning, let us say miscellaneous torches, pliers, chisels, arc welders, pipes, knives, hydraulic presses, grinders... your basic well equipped metal working shop, but Mr Manning would not there show off his bad ass metal working skills, he would be there to condense the 14 years of torture he suffered into one day and demonstrate what he went through to the good agents of the State.

Oh I almost forgot, he's going to also need a couple of fairly large waterproof garbage bins close at hand, for anything that may need to be discarded.

OK, now do you think I am a monster? Maybe a sociopath. Sick to the core? Well I still think that they would be getting off easy.

Let's think a minute about what Agents Gary Miller and Robert Buchan did, then let's see who the real sociopath(s) are.

They knowing fabricated false evidence that took 14 years of a mans life from him.

This was not a mistake that they made, but a lie they created.

They stole another mans life from him, 14 years that all the money in the world cannot give back to him.

Mr Manning faced the possibility of being put to death by the State for 8 of those 14 years. How do you think that effects a person?

Agents Miller and Buchan knew he was not guilty, Mr. Manning knew that he was not guilty, but that didn't matter, because he was on death row and they where free going about their lifes, knowing that they had falsely put a man there.

And after the agents are found guilty of this hienious crime, their FBI bosses say that it is certain that the agents were not guilty of misconduct and that they will continue to be employed as FBI agents.

I really would like to know what they concider "misconduct" if fabricating evidence is not!

It is my belief that whatever happens to this two FBI fuckers is never going to be enough to punish them for what they did. And who is to say that they haven't done to others, or will not do it again?

Pound'Em in the Ass Prison is too good for them, death is too good for them, a meager 24 hours of torture is too good for them.

Things have a way of sometimes working out and Agents Gary Miller and Robert Buchan better be hoping there is no hell, because if there is, there will be a special place for them that makes my suggestions look tame.

Sleep well knowing that the FBI is out there protecting you and the American way.


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