Wednesday, September 14

When Will the Sheeple Wake Up?

One year after hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Katrina has destroyed New Orleans. The world is shocked by the Bush administration’s callous lack of response to Katrina. The world continues to be horrified by Bush’s lack of empathy and buck passing. What is Bush doing that will help the impoverished, displaced residents of New Orleans or help rebuild New Orleans itself? Three personal visits and the added bonus of Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice won’t do the trick.

Americans have been conned. Bush’s police state will not make Americans safer from natural disasters, let alone terrorists. The biggest enemy facing the United States is its own government. Fearful Americans have sold their civil liberties for the mirage of security. Americans have sacrificed their future to the greedy maw of a self-serving government hooked on power.

From Tom Chartier's "A Weekend To Ponder"


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