Thursday, September 15

Are We Going to Learn this Time?

Here is Katrina makes the case against government

It has always amazed me that the same person that will never go back to a resturant because they recieved bad service there 10 years ago is more than willing to support sending more money to the government when they provide bad service.

We have spent tens of billions, possibly hundreds of billions, on Homeland Security to protect us from and clean up after a terrorist attack but look at what we recieved for all those tax dollars.

Pretty much anyone in the country knew Katrina was coming and about where she would hit. This is different that a terrorist attack , which by it's very nature is a suprise. So when a system designed to work in case of a suprise attack fails to function at even a minimum level when an anticipated event occurs, it is not just a failure, but a gross failure.

Yet the politicians are clamoring for more dollars to fix the system. Yup that was the problem not enough money spent on Homeland Security, FEMA, The War in Iraq...


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